Monday, February 15, 2010

Turned My Frown Upside Down-Thanks Linda

Today has been a trying day. You know those kind of days when your hormones are off and almost everything has a gray mist of negativity to it ( a vision problem I am sure)..well then compound this bad attitude with a few very negative events (mostly work related) that deepens the funk. So following this confluence of negativity I avoided all work related concerns by surfing around the blogs looking for a little distraction.

tripping around here and there I happened upon a bright shining beacon of sunshine. Linda over at Linda's Bandwidth presented me with a Beautiful Blog Award. Thank you Linda! You have brightened my day considerably. I like reading your blog too! You are much better at getting pics up than I am and I have loved following your ups and downs thus far. Here is for more downs than ups in the weight department anyway.

Here are my instructions:
• Thank the person who nominated you for this award
• Copy the award and post it in your blog
• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you
• Tell seven interesting things about yourself
• Nominate seven bloggers
• Post links to the blogs of your nominees

The facts:
1. I am quitting my job in either May or August.
2.I am starting a math tutoring business (if anyone wants to try online tutoring I am game-free trials of course).
3. I started a second blog page to document my New Years Resolutions-i have not been blogging on it!! I am still making progress though.
4. I never wear matching socks. I buy Kb footy socks at Costco and never match them so they belong together but in a wild colorful way.
5. I am a nerd and proud of it. I have trained my children to have pride in their nerdiness as well.
6. I love to travel and am itching to go even now. Next week is a conference in San Diego where I am planning on renting a bike.
7. If you let it happen your band can change much more in your life than the size of your stomach. Mine has opened up a wide world that I never knew I wanted.

Nominated Bloggers: Ok first of all everyone on my followers and followed list deserves this award. The good news is that everyone should get the award eventually because we seem to be a somewhat closed group (all of my friends are friends at my friend's blogs if you can figure out what i mean there!!) Here is my list:

Bunny at the weight-loss expedition. She has been blog-absent of late but she was the first blog I followed and had a huge impact on my decision to get this surgery. I just wish that I lived closer to her so I could drag her out with me for fills, drinks, and bike rides oh and learn how to cook better from her-her food pics always look delicious!!

Caroline at Lonicera's Lapband and other JourneysCaroline's skill with the camera and pen (or in this case keyboard) are awesome! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both her lapband stories and adventures in South America!

The New Band Girls

These three blogs are the newly banded. It is really cool to read your blogs and think back to the time when I was right where you are. Feel assured that what you go through someone among us (the whole bloggy family) has lived through the experience too. You each remind me both of what to keep my mind on and how far I have come. I am happy you are here and wish you each the best!!

Justine at Adventures in Band LandYou better include something about your chickens in your 7 facts! I covet a chicken coop! They are not allowed in my neighborhood.

Yana at Girl Meets BandI love love New York, the trains, the delis, the offices...everything! You let me see a little bit of that life in your blog.

Colleen at Colls this time i mean itAnother New Yorker to live vicariously through. That great restriction should be coming soon and I want to hear more about it!

Non-Banded Bloggers:

My Aunt Sally (yes she is really my aunt) at chic roses. She doesn't blog often enough but she has a sense of style that is out of this world and is a skilled object painter!

The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
All of life cannot be about diet and the reverberating ripples caused by our banded life. Simone provides thought-provoking life challenges (today it is exploring the world), beautiful images and plain old fun!


Girl Bandit said...

Congrats on your award and there are some new blogs I can check out there

Lonicera said...

Wow Tina - Many congratulations on your award, which is richly deserved! And as for me, I feel overwhelmed.. How very nice of you to nominate me... My heart skipped a beat when I read it! I shall now chew my nails to the quick and glance at my blog every - ooh - 3 and a half minutes?...hoping to be contacted. How sad is that! Thanks again.

Colls said...

Wow, I am honored! Thank you so much, Tina for the award, it really means a lot to me!

Simone said...


Thank you so much, that is truly really nice of you to nominate me....and to say such lovely things have made my day!

I am glad that receiving an award brightened up a tough day for you. I loved reading your 7 things....very interesting to be having a career change in the!

Thank you again :)

chicroses said...

Gosh Tina Im flattered..I just dont think my blog is all that great.Now Im not sure if I can do some of the instructions. Well see!!!