Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Day But So Sore

Yesterday was my work day. I was sooooo sore from my dirt digging that for breakfast I had an alieve :)...Amazingly that Alieve and Diet Coke filled me up and the pain pill reduced the body aches a little! I got to work and parked about 1/2 mile away from my office. I got on my bike and took a side trip to the nearby carry everything store. I popped in for a plug in cell charger (lost mine) and a bike lock so I could start locking my bike up when I ride it on my jaunts.

I then road a few zigzags through the neighborhood and up the hill to work. I am finally mastering those hills. I cannot believe how quickly your body improves with just a little repeated effort. I rode up to work--carried my bike up the stairs to my office as I had to unharness the bike lock from layers of plastic and anti-theft crap and could not use it yet!!

While at work my dad emailed me that we had finally been approved for tribal membership (after many years my dad, brothers and sisters and I decided to register for the Cherokee tribe). It is a cultural affiliation and pride thing more than for any other reason. When I decided to do this I also decided to commemorate the event with a tattoo. The paperwork has taken over a year to complete so as soon as I was done at work I popped down to the local campus tattoo parlor for a consultation.

I currently have a genies lamp on my right foot to celebrate my Ph.D. (a symbol affiliated with learning). I went and made an appointment for next Wednesday to do some work on my old tattoo and add to the art space :)..I am going to do some adjustment on my lamp (the flame did not turn out like I wanted and color it in Gold). Underneath the lamp I am going to add the phrase everyone is important in the Cherokee written language and then to commemorate the weigh-loss and band I am going to add a turtle in one of the smoke plumes coming out of the lamp...I am quite excited about it all. I was going to wait on the turtle until I hit goal but there is a $100 minimum for foot work so I am just going to do it now (I have after all done the 100 pound thing).

On top of all of this after I came home from work I chilled for 30 minutes (did a little knitting) and then got back out on my bike for another night ride with my neighbor. We added two steep loops to the route and rode a bit further around the grocery store we went to last week. We then rode to the bar and had my vodka and orange (yes I know Yana just like the darned exercise article!!!!).

after the approximately 5 and 1/2 to 6 miles for the day and aching muscles I finally was able to go to bed early :) so was in bed by 10:30. I even talked David into providing me with a little massage :)

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