Sunday, February 21, 2010

San Diego ;) I Like it!

I was not the happiest or very excited to go to San Diego but I am here now and as always It is awesome! I am in a swanky hotel ( The weather is not warm and toasty as I had hoped but it is nice. I ran into a couple of people i know at the airport who were also headed here :) hooray...

We rented bikes after we arrived. We rode them about 5 miles into the center of the island, had lunch, and then rode them back again. Along the way we traveled along a bike path with the ocean on one side and the bay on the other. We had lunch at a New York Pizza place where I shared a calzone with one of the people I ran into-i ate the insides out and it went down quite nicely. We had a nice mathy/education conversation over lunch (OK I am flying my nerd flag). and then headed back to the hotel.

Our return trip was through neighborhoods and then back to the bike path. There were several houses for sale that were nice looking (but not huge-say 3 bedroom, 3 bath and 2000 square feet). One had a flier advertising it for 4.6 million!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy expensive here! We made a stop at the beach and hung out for a few minutes picking shells. The beach bulldozes a hunk of sand into berms along the beach front and in those berms are loads of shells. I picked up a really cool long snail shell and some scallop ones. We then got back on and rode back to the hotel.

Now I am sitting in the lobby in the bar with...FREE INTERNET! At least in the states swanky hotel and fee internet do not go together. I am one happy camper right now. a nice bar, vodka and orange juice and there anything better than that? ;) OK there probably is but right now..just now in the peace of this bar I am content.

Oh and the thin ability to ride a bike and sit on an airplane with no problems (I even had to tighten the seatbelt!!)...oh can you tell today was a good day? Today was a very good day.


Barbara said...

Tina, Tina, Tina.. SD is one of my favorite cities.. I love Del Mar.. Go to Jacks, it's a small restaurant that sits back on the beach.. even if you go for just a glass of wine, watch the sun set.. take the view in.

And then, there is the L'auberge, a wonderful spa/hotel/restaurant.. You can just pop in and have dinner..

Enjoy yourself.. one of my fav places..

THE DASH! said...

Ooooh lala.. this all sounds rather fab - the bike riding was so great - good for you!! Lunch in between, then another ride to work it off.. sounds like heaven.. actually the room sounds like heaven.. what was I thinking!! lol

Girl Bandit said...

it sounds gorgeous...and the bike ride was exercise so go ahead and enjoy the vodka. Have a great trip

Band Groupie said...

I love San Diego...sounds like the perfect day, and what great NSV's with the bike!

Lonicera said...

Trust me to enthuse about the wrong thing, but it's the calzone that sounds lovely!!! Hope the second half is as fun as the first half.

Sandy Lee said...

Glad the day was great and here's to tomorrow being even better.

Bunny said...

I absolutely loved San Diego. We went to Crochies Bar in the gas lamp area (i have no idea if either of those is spelt right!! too long ago now) and had the MOST amazing time. So good in a jazz bar in America.. just WOW! We had such a good time, we stayed with my 7th Cousins in Lakeside and they took us all over.
Thank you for your kind words too.. I have a lot of catching up to do regarding blog reading, but I saw my lovely award thank you xxxx and I am gonna have a good read later on of yours and Cara's and also Erika's.
I am getting there slowly, and I just cannot WAIT for you to come in june, infact I insist that you stay with us for a few days otherwise I will cry ;-) HAHA
You can kick my butt hard and show me wot I am doing wrong as I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what a lap band is anyway!!
love and hugs

Bunny said...

Oh, and also carolines!! You are my 4 sweethearts who jog me along. xx