Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 'Fill' is Gone

All phantom restriction has left the building. I am down a bit (still in the range around 200 though) and the band has opened its baby bird mouth and is squawking incessantly for me to feed it.

I am doing the hang by my fingernails unsuccessfully today. Damned Girlscout cookies have entered my home and I am not coping as well as I did last year. If i remember correctly I had a good restriction going on at this time last year and could only eat two cookies without really feeling them hit bottom. This year...well lets just say I fought the cookies and I won this time. arghghghg I wish the NP had been successful.

I am off tomorrow for San Diego to speak at a conference. I am not overly excited to go as the weather is not exciting down there (60 and rainy) and I have a ton of stuff I want to do at home to get my business going (business license, bank account, advertising etc)...and I could have had a fill appt. on Monday but noooooooo im in San Diego. phhhhhhht.

I sound whiny..don't get me wrong I love to travel..its just I would rather it be leisure not work right now.

I hope all of your bandy worlds are spinning merrily.


Lonicera said...

...and am I right in saying that you're tempted to eat in the car as you're driving there?? (I remember because that's my iffy time too) So if you 'limit the damage' in advance and plan on stocking up on reasonably low calorie snacks, would that help?
Have fun anyway!

Girl Bandit said...

Where di that restriction go??? Bummer. Sorry to hear you can't get a fill tomorrow...hope the trip goes ok. Thanks for your comments on my blog

Sandy Lee said...

It looks like your weight ticker says 199!! That is amazing. If you got this far-over a hundred pounds I'm sure the rest will melt soon. Good luck on getting a good restriction. I had to laugh that you weren't looking forward to the trip because it was 60F. Right now I'd give anything for a bit of a break in the snow. Oh maybe you meant the rain. OK forgiven-rain can be dreary and depressing. LOL.

I think it is really exciting about your new business and hope it gets off the ground really fast. I've changed careers 4 times in the last 25 years and it is scary but exciting. Good luck.

Gen said...

Well, thats a drag. Maybe the restriction just ran away for a while and now realizes it needs to go back home? Hope so.

The Girl Scout cookies are evil. I can't really get in the ring with those things, the chances of losing every time are way too great.

Have a good trip.

Linda said...

Sorry that it's gone, but I guess now you know you really need a little fill. Have a good trip!