Sunday, January 31, 2010

Failure On The Roof-Success In The Dirt

Sadly I managed to get up on the roof of our house but the part of the roof with the missing shingles was just too steep to get to. It will take 8 dollars in supplies and probably 100 dollars in labor to get the thing fixed. Instead of fixing the roof I cleaned out the gutters in the front, unclogged one of the downpipes and then dug down a layer of 4 inches on the north side of my house.

The area built up over years of bark dust layers has been up against the siding of our house for quite some time. A couple of years ago we finished half of the job by digging down half of the distance, laying a landscape barrier and pea gravel. The remaining half never got done and as we do...we let it rest for 2 years. It has looked like a dirty, mossy mess since then and I am sure is not helping with the sale of our house. Today I dug the thing out finally. An area about six feet by 12 feet in size. That is 24 cubic feed of dirt. aaackk my arms are sore but I knew if I quit before it was done it might be 2 months before I got back to it.

Still left to finish is to rake up the remaining clods of dirt, laying landscape barrier, getting more pea gravel in and then raking out the dirt in its new location on the south side of our house.

The best news in all of this for me is that in the past when David and I did a project like this I was the lazy partner. I rested between loads and was the wheelbarrow pusher. Conserving all parts of energy use. Today I had enough energy to be the person behind the shovel. I dug and pushed the gravel and clay laden soils without much effort (I did work up a sweat and needed a few rest breaks but I had both the strength and stamina to get the job done).

On the weight front after a rebound high to 204 on Thursday. Yes...I hit 199 last Saturday and rolled right on back up to 204 again in rapid pace. Today the scale read 202. With a more calm eating and exercising regime I am hoping to get back down and beyond my low point again.

I am still not sure if I need a fill or not. I am going to call on Monday and make an appointment for 2-3 weeks out and then give forth a supreme effort to drop down as low on the scale as I can. Hopefully this will get some more fat from around my band and make the decision a solid one.


Barbara said...

Well I can't say that sounds like fun Tina.. but let's get a positive out of this.. just think how many calories you burned and how good those biceps and triceps are going to look for the spring.. (how was that for a positive spin)

THE DASH! said...

YOIKS! Good think you're not afraid of heights (or are you?)

Tina said...

Both were kind of fun actually. I like the dirt and it was wonderful to get outside in January and be able to do a bit of gardening.

I like heights actually. The only scary part was when i started to slide on the steep part of the roof and when I had to go to the edge and swing my leg back around onto the ladder. When I finally got down again I did feel the need to bend over and touch the ground for a few minutes :)


Nola said...

I get dizzy standing on a you wouldn't have got me up there!!
lol at Barbara