Friday, January 29, 2010

Mini Ride On The Food Roller Coaster

I did it. Yesterday I bought a ticket on the crazy train roller coaster. After school I took my daughter to the store. We Bought doughnuts. Carried them home and put them in my kitchen. In two days I have now eaten three. Now I know I would have eaten half the box (why is it we always rationalize these things this way?). This is just two days after I got on here all braggy, braggy talking about how I prefer good food. geeezz was I convincing myself? Can I qualify doughnuts as wholesome good quality food? I think not.

So today-I'm getting off this little mini roller coaster ride. I am calling and making a doctors appointment. and getting back on the slow road.


Barbara said...

By your ticker you have lost 100+ pounds.... so you probably have had to face these temptations before (and I would love to learn from you).. The question I always ask myself is.. did I buy the (questionable) item for me or my family.. 9 out of 10 times I really wanted it.. Can you can toss them or give the rest away.. you have realized the need to get off that roller coaster..

Lonicera said...

At work this afternoon I had two - because they were left over from a buffet. One would have been bad enough, and they were getting stuck so I had to eat them slowly... and this evening as I pushed the plate away after half a platefull of stew and felt virtuous, I remembered the doughnuts, and like you I thought "who am I kidding?", and have been feeling annoyed with myself ever since.
But tomorrow's another day, and I will try again.

Tina said...

Barbara--you are totally right! I was the brainiac who wanted a doughnut. Thank goodness (or perhaps not) my family was in cahoots with me all the way. three people-11 doughnuts gone. One...going in the garbage....