Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting Ready For a Road Trip and Yesterday Wrap Up

Goals Report

Crafting Weekend:
I went off yarn shopping with a friend yesterday afternoon. We found a couple of cardigan patterns to try our hand at and then attempted getting the yarn for them at some of the less expensive craft stores in our area. My dilemma is that I need close to 1200 yards of yarn and I want something nice (wool) but I do not want to shell out $100 dollars for the yarn! There is a heck of a lot of synthetic plasticy yard for sale in the world. In the end I did not find what I want. I want a nice dark sage-like green but no one had it for a decent price. I might just have to save my money and bite the bullet. I am going to spend hours on the darn thing. On the other hand I do not want to throw my money away if It doesn't turn out.

Last night Grace went and spent the night at a friends house. Today when she came back she had her friend and friends mom in tow to get help with altering a doll dress to fit an American Girl doll. The dress was on the small side and did not have a big enough back opening to get it over the dolls arms. I unstitched the dress and added a longer length of velcro.


Although I skipped on spending on the high cost yarn David and I did go out to the movies last night. I suggested we add in dinner out be neither of us felt like going anywhere (this is veryyyy strange for us and I am quite proud!!). We saw Up In the Air. David and I both love to travel so instead of the movie message getting through to us (the isolating nature of life on the road). It made us both get itchy feet and want to stand in front of the big reader boards at our airport and go ourselves!!

Today we took a trip to Ikea (baddddddddd we should not shop when budgeting!). I kept myself under control and was out of there for around $25 dollars. Most of it went to buying Grace some melty beads. I do after all have to support my daughters artistic endeavors right? We also bought a white step stool for the kitchen, some paper plates and napkins that were on sale and meatballs and gravy mix for dinner next week


Tomorrow I will head down to Corvallis and leave my car at my office mates house. We will then drive to the other side of the state to pick up paperwork from the teachers I work with. We will then attend a teacher meeting and drive back to his place where I will sleep in his camper bus which he has kitted out quite nicely but NO BATHROOM--not sure if I can cope with that. At 8am we will hop in his car and drive to San Francisco for a conference where we are presenting on Wednesday. We are staying in Mill Valley and will take the ferry into town (more budget minded planning). On Thursday we will load back up into his car and return home. I have done quite well in catching up with work but have a couple of papers to write and a website to design.

Health-We are still keeping on. I took yesterday off from exercise but David has continued his hour a day and Grace played on it for a while as well. We did park our car at the opposite end of the mall and walked a fair distance to the movie theater last night. Today my weight has held steady and my stomach has caught wind of yesterday's small amount of food. My hunger is back with a vengeance. I hope it is s blip and not a sign that I have already run out of steam on this fill and will need another soon.

Family Time

We just chilled out a bit yesterday and spent time doing separate things in the same room. This is quite common for us and still needs work (its OK some of the time but not most). As I type this Grace is playing with her melty beads while David and I sit on our laptops next to each other on the couch. We will have David's home-made pizza dinner at the table and play a game before she goes off to bed tonight.


THE DASH! said...

Lots going on as usual, Tina lol. Did you enjoy, "Up in the air?" I hear its great.

Budgeting etc all on schedule. I hope too that your fill isn't lessening.. its a pain when it does.. (just ask moi! lol)

Tina said...

I don't have time to post..but most of the work is on a holding pattern as I am headed off for three days to a conference. I brought my knitting and my bike though!

I was super hungry and loose today band wise....I am shocked at how quickly this fill has gone. I figured i would get more than one week!! In the past I have had it retighten on week 2...fingers crossed that happens this time.