Tuesday, January 12, 2010

aaaaaaaaaahhhhh The Fill is Gone

I just arrived in San Francisco after a 9 hour drive from Central Oregon. I did not do well today food-wise. I snacked almost the whole way! My stomach is back to rumbling in hunger (it has been a really long time since that happened)and it is freaking me out a little. I still feel full after a reasonably small amount of food (1/2 a sandwich) but I get very hungry very quickly.

Tomorrow my office mate and I (we drove down together) will take the ferry into San Francisco and a trolley up to the conference center. We speak at 10:30 am for a sum total of 15 minutes and then we will have the rest of the day to attend other sessions, hang out with colleagues or escape and run around San Francisco if we want to.

I believe I have said before that my office-mate is really into biking. we both brought our bikes on the top of his car and we are staying at the hotel where I stayed in October with a bike trail right behind it. Exercise will be a part of this trip even if stellar food quantities will not be.

As far as the resolutions are going it is a bit of a mixed bag since i am out of town:

Craft-the purse is all knitted now. On the drive down here I knitted 9 feet of i-chord for the straps and finished the bag itself before I Left Oregon. When I get home I will throw it into the washing machine and see what I get. If I get the chance while I am here I will look for yarn for my next sweater project.

Budget-Well I still money left from my two week allowance (David and I picked a number of dollars and we are responsible for eating off of it, buying coffees or whatever else we need as a slush fund for two weeks. This is going to be made mroe difficult since I am out of town and do not have the option of eating from home. I will do my best and pull extra money out if necessary I guess.

Work-well this is a work conference (math conference!) and I have stayed on top of emails. I do have grading to do while i am here and probably discussion reading from this weeks online course-work (I am teaching two classes this term).

Family Health-I'm not home :) but my health if going to the dogs!!! food food every where...i am dying for foooooooooodddddddd. At this rate I am not going to make 199 any time soon.

Time-Im taking some great social and by myself :)


THE DASH! said...

Right where I am, Tina.. fill up quick but the tummy is a grumbling. Boy, this band sure keeps us guessing. Hope it settles. x

Debi said...

I too am right with you!! I can't wait for my next fill on the 25th. I really, really need it!

Have some fun & enjoy the great trails to ride while there!!

Gen said...

Fill pronto! Have a great time out there!