Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day Off and Out

We took a family fun day and went to a local movie theater. The Baghdad Theater is an old beautiful venue that McMenamins (a brewpub company) saved from the wrecking ball and turned into a restaurant and pub. there is a photo gallery you can click on right at the bottom of the picture of the outside view of the theater.

The theater has tables in front of all of the seats so you can order food and drinks while you watch your movie. We saw 'Where the Wild things are' and shared a piece of cheese pizza and a small bag of popcorn. It was quite a nice place with plenty of style and for $20.00 We got to see a movie, eat the pizza and popcorn and David had a beer on top of it. We would have paid the same for just a move at the big chain theaters around here.

I do not recommend the movie. We have been a fan of Sendak's books over the years. David loved them when he was a child and Grace did as well. The movie left us all unmoved. It was not really a child's movie at all because it was full of angst and anger. The main character had issues from his parent's divorce and fear over the world ending (the writer's attempt to give us a reason for his violent behavior I guess?). In a somewhat scary scene he loses it and bites his mother on the shoulder as she tries to carry him to his room (not the mild go to your room compliant child of the book). The child (Max) then runs loose through the neighborhood and onto the sea where he finds and takes off in a boat. Nope in this movie it is not a dream it is real. Max then goes off to an island where they eat kings and pretends to be one himself. There are dirt clod fights where the wild things get hurt. I violent wild thing who goes into angry tirades when he is hurt..etc.

The cinematography was great..the butchering of the story..not good at all. The movie left us all unmoved and slightly irritated (Grace was the first to volunteer this evaluation).

After the movie we did some window shopping on the street where the theater was located. Nice gift shops and a branch of our favorite books store Powell's books

All and all a fun and relaxing day.

Coming for your reading and viewing pleasure....a NSV of sorts. I am climbing on my roof to repair to shingles. I will make David take pictures as he holds my ladder!!!

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THE DASH! said...

What a great day! I went and looked at the theatre and it kind of reminds me of one we have here in Perth called The Regal Theatre. Old and well.. regal lol.

Have yourself a great week, Tina. x