Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Call Me NIght Rider

Today was, as is every Monday, my work day in Corvallis. We had let the house lapse in cleanliness so after Grace and David went off to school and work I cleaned for an hour and a half. This house for sale stuff is hard work :)..but I love the clean house!

I am sure I could have found more to clean but at 9:30 I had to leave for work in order to make it there by 11:00 for my weekly meeting. Because I had my grading done (1am last night I finished it up) I was free to do all of the jobs I never get done! hooorayyy..I banged through my list and came home arriving around 6:30 pm. David and Grace had already eaten so I had a couple of slices of cheese and 3 triscuits. They went down fine...I thought.

I did not get to ride my bike very much today at work as I managed to score a closer than normal parking spot (and you do not mess with parking karma when a spot awaits you!) I rode about 1/2 mile in total to and from my office. My office mate repacked the bearings in my front wheel for me and more importantly showed me how to do it myself.

When I got home I wanted to do some more riding. I do not know where the energy came from but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. I found my yet unused light set and put it onto the bike. I called a neighbor who has been asking me to call her if I wanted to ride and we were off. We rode around the neighborhood (I did make it up an equally beastly hill situated as a close neighbor to the hill I am trying to master to pick her up). We rode the 2.2 mile loop around our neighborhood and I was ready to keep going so we decided to ride to our local Safeway for a coffee. This is about a mile away and another pretty decent hill. We made it to Safeway just as the girl closed out her till and she turned us away.

We decided our next stop would be the local pub (OK i coerced my friend into it!). We rode another 1/2 mile using sidewalks as the street we had to travel on is quite busy. We made it to the pub and spent the $7.50 of the $9.50 I had in my coat pocket for a vodka and orange juice (they make them really nice at this pub with fresh squeezed) and a diet coke for my friend.

I hit the pub at 8:30 a full hour after the 2 oz of cheese and 3 crackers. I burped twice during the ride. My stomach should have been empty but did not fully feel empty and I should have listened. I am not sure if the exercise tightened me up or what but lets just say the first 1/4 of my vodka and orange juice did not stay down and some of my dinner did not either. After a visit to the toilet I returned to my seat quite back to normal and finished my drink just fine.

We rode about 1/2 mile home for a total of about 4.2 miles and 5.2 for my day. Scarily enough I could ride more!!! :)

As you might have noticed my daily progress journal now has its own home. those of you interested can pop over for a daily update (more for myself than anyone) and those of you who were also bored by the thing can avoid it.

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