Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tighter and Hungry!!

I am definitely tighter today than yesterday. I know my limits and my limits are at the short end of 1/2 cup with no extra spoonfuls allowed. I tried to eat a small lemon yogurt as an afternoon snack and had to rest 1/2 way through before I could finish it. whooopeeee I am happy about that. Not tooo loose, not tooo tight but justt right :) so the food for today is: 7:45 cup of tea with milk, 9:30 1/2 cup of leftover cottage pie heated in the microwave, noon 1 small lemon yogurt, 3:30-I small Ice cream cone. 6:30-1/4 cup finely chopped spaghetti noodles with lots of turkey burger and mushroom sauce in total 1/2 of stuff. It is now 7:45 and Im feeling snacky. I have made myself a vodka and orange juice to drink and am going to hold off on going in for food as long as possible. I have been snacky feeling all day but am trying to resist. In the past this hunger has been the result of a drastic reduction in my food intake followed by weightloss..Fingers crossed that will happen again.


Health-well you heard about my fill and food. I prepped the spaghetti sauce last night while I made the cottage pie so it just had to go on the stove and pasta boiled. David did both while i was at horseback riding with grace (she had 1 hour on the horse). We had dinner at the table (historically it was either at a restaurant or on the couch in front of the TV). Grace did a little of time on the Wii after dinner but had a melt down of frustration so she was banned :) I plan on getting in 30 minutes tonight and David will do his 1 hour of time at some point this evening.

Work-My body and my mind tried to pull me to the dark side of TV viewing and wasting time while I sat on the couch with a pile of things to accomplish. I did succumb to a short couch nap but awoke refreshed and got my job application assembled and sent off, finished a conference presentation for final edits, emailed several teachers I need to pick up paperwork from and observe on Friday and grades some of the online course that still needs finishing. Yet undone is the grading, upload the proposal, and finish meeting notes for the boss.

Craft-I did not knit today!! :( but I did cancel the knit-in for tomorrow out of lack of interest and made plans to go to a nearby shop with a friend to find and sign up for a knitting class.

Budget-The budget is working well. We have had a budget emergency averted :) we have three cars 1 big truck(Davids), One small minivan (mine) and one small truck (was the older girls as they went to high school). The truck is now in the possession of Cinda to drive to and from her university located in a small rural town without public transit. Over Christmas 'Cinda's' truck quit starting. The key turned int he ignition freely and would not engage the engine. We took it into our mechanic who had to think on how to fix it for two days. It is an old car and if it needed more than 500 dollars worth of work would have had to go to the scrap heap. Thankfully the mechanics figured out what to do and we only had to shell out 350 to get it fixed..phew I so did not want to have to look for or pay for a new kid car.

Overall goal rating-an OK day but not stellar. Work is a monkey on my back and I am slipping into old habits again. Procrastinate while i should be working and then work while I should be leisuring. Family health is still good. I might be able to get in a couple of rows of knitting tonight but I also need to do my wii fit work. One will probably have to give.


THE DASH! said...

Oh, I'm so glad your fill is working. Mine is so so.. its taking a little longer for the food to go down but I'm still hungry, dammit! I hope that changes. xx

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Tina, I am so glad one of us got a fill that works haha!

Jen from Oregon said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog!
Glad your fill is working...