Monday, January 4, 2010

One Tiny Pound Closer and Daily Progress

1 Pound!

I got on my scale this morning and it read 207.0. We woke up late as the alarm did not go off and had to get us all out of the house to school and me to work so I looked at the scale and with a sad sigh said to myself.."nope nothing today"..Then after lunches and book bag gathering as I was driving Grace to school it hit me...My lowest weight is 208 not 207....I lost another pound. How sad is that?? I have been on this weight so long I don't even recognize when I finally start making a bit of progress again. So now...3 measly little pounds to go until I hit the 100 pounds lost mark.

I am scheduled for a doctors appointment tomorrow and will be getting at least a little fill. It is time to get things moving again.


1. Budget-I carried my lunch to work today and ate it even though I sat in the cafeteria with my office-mate who bought his! I skipped the coffee even though I wanted one really bad.
2. Family-ate dinner at the table. There was not much time after that before bed but Grace played on the Wii while David and I watched and cheered her on. See family meeting below as well!
3. Health-We bought a used bike trainer from a guy (craigs list) for $50 bucks so we can get into this Wii thing more. WE think we can play some of the games (running for one) while actually on a stationary bike. I Walked 60 minutes on a real sidewalk to and from my offic eand around campus at mid-day. As a family the three of us had a health meeting where we looked at our Wii progress charts and talked about our health goals (this Wii thing is just CRAZY good!! and they aren't even paying me to say that!)
4. Craft-I am saving a little knitting for after Grace goes to bed.
5. Career-copied to articles I had published to add to my work webpage and discussed letters of reference with my two bosses. had a positive response from a third colleague. Worked at my office until 4:30 During this time I wrote a to do list.

The bag is not felted yet and very much in progress. Honest it looks better in real life :)


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Congrats on that one pound, I know how you felt, my scale has been stuck all week!

Lonicera said...

I don't even dare climb on the old scales...
And as to the rest... the glow from your halo is blinding me - I can't keep up!!!!
I think you had better be my role model.

chicroses said...

Jim bought a scale (taylor) at I think reads 10 lbs more than our other..our other scale was 4lbs less than wwatchers scales..gggg..I am way up there...but going back to ww this trying to diet..its so hard with hattie..I have to start walking. good you lost 1lb..considering xmas look so happy for you..sally

THE DASH! said...

I second Caroline.. I want you as my role model too. You are really moving things into action. Love it.

Love the bag too!! Can't wait to see the finished project.