Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Progress

Budget-I spend no money today :) the cash in hand system is working great so far! Grace will be needing some tennis shoes soon. That girl is growing like crazy so clothes are in our future as well. The Realtor wanted us to lower the price of our listed house but we said no. He is basing his time on the market through the Christmas holidays. David and I said no we wanted to leave it at its current price. Our plans are to run the contract out fix a few more things and then re-list it in the summer when the market picks up a bit. I am annoyed at the agent however who was told about a week ago that we needed more advertising papers for the sign out front and he has not produced them nor has he sent us his file so we can print them ourselves. He is not doing so well to get our contract again.

Work-Got more grading and commenting done on the two online classes I am teaching. I looked at the rough draft my colleague sent me for our presentation on Wednesday, added a page and it looks great! I started another project report that needs to go to the local government ed office and sent it off for edits. The icy roads kept me from going off to collect project paperwork at schools. I will be gone next week so might have some gap days as I am going to San Francisco for a conference.

Health-well 205...:) good for me. I exercised for 30 min on the Wii, my husband did his hour, Grace did about 30 min. We ate dinner (prepped yesterday) at the table. and although Grace wanted and Ice cream run after school again I resisted (I am a sucker for ice cream and it is doing neither of us any good in the health department). We forgot to put our beautiful chicken stock into the fridge last night and thus have to throw it away!!! :((((((((...I guess we will have to try again another time. At least the chicken meat was separated from the bones we used.

Craft-no knitting again. Tomorrow I am knit shop shopping though.

Time-Pretty good today. I had a couple of kid interruption periods that annoyed me and I wasn't as nice as a good parent should be but other than that I worked TV free. Took a little nap after Grace got home from school. She put in a movie and watched it while i snoozed. Dinner made it on the table at a decent time and Grace was off to bed at 9 (Friday sleep in tomorrow). We did not play a game after dinner but Grace wanted to play webkinz on a computer so we did our individual pursuits in the same room.

Overall I give myself a B

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Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

sounds like you are doing great with all your goals!