Friday, January 15, 2010

Home Again and Band Spazz

I got home last night late. It was a really long week of driving and I was very tired and grouchy when I got home (I still am actually :)).

My band was the most unpredictable piece of equipment on the planet. I have thus far not named the thing but Hildegaard has always been the name I would choose as that name reminds me of the iconic big boned tough trainers and people who give those hardcore beat you to death massages. Well Hildegaard was a fitting name for the thing this week.

Monday I opened up when I drove to the other side of the state then closed up a bit in the evening. Tuesday I was wide open (hence the last post). I ate and snacked the whole way down to San Francisco. Wednesday was the same. I got up and ate 3/4 of an English muffin with Cream cheese from the breakfast buffet (the choices were crap)without even blinking and could have eaten more. For lunch we went out and I ordered a delicious fish sandwich where I proceeded to chow down on the fish portion only with tarter sauce (it was probably a 6 oz. piece of fish. I ate almost all of it and chased it with some popcorn 1/2 and hour later.

In the evening we went with friends out for a drink where I gulped down one vodka and orange juice and when it did not seemed to have any effect I had a second. This one kicked my backside and hard. I stopped but got exceedingly hungry after. We returned to the ferry terminal only to find everything had closed (it was only 6pm!!!). We found a coffee shop and I bought a pastry. At that exact moment my stomach decided to give me the one-two punch and close up tighter than a drum. I managed two bites of the pasty and handed it over to my office-mate who proceeded to eat my yummy pastry :(.

This was followed by a wave of stomach pain (mine). I think I have talked about having this issue before. It comes from below the band and feels like someone is blowing up my stomach with a bicycle pump from below only there is a cap on my stomach opening and no air can escape. The pain grew and grew. I finally walked outside hoping the air would cure what ailed me. I then realized that hurling was probably going to happen so looked frantically for an empty spot off the dock without romantic couples sitting on benches right next to me...(there were none!!! Too many damned couples were having smoochy next to the piers!!! aaaaaaarckckck....Finally I let out one of those embarrassing big burps (but much less embarrassing than a barf off the pier). The pain receded with a couple of more burps while walking back to the ferry terminal.

My office mate is on board with the whole band thing so during this whole frantic session (now remember I was slightly drunk and walking quickly from dock edge to dock edge seeking an empty spot). He stood somewhere in the middle monitoring that I did not fall in but too afraid to come near me as he did not want to be the recipient of my hurling!! :).

Yesterday we went for our bike ride Thursday Morning. My office-mate could have a career as a trainer as he kept (in a very nice way) pushing me to go further and further until we both covered 4.8 miles. Obviously my next goal is going to have to be 5 miles. My office-mate had a cool little device that hooked to his bike that kept track of how far we had traveled, our average speed and the fastest and slowest we traveled during the ride. I want one now!! :) It was very cool to see the stats after I finished the ride and I rode much further than it felt like.

The resolution goals:

Work-I was on a work trip so there is some argument that I could make for saying I was getting all kinds of work down. However I have online courses to get on board as students are leaving questions and grading to do and discussions to check in on. I figure this will take all day to finish.

Time -I need to work all day today however my third daughter, Cinda, is home from college with her friend and wants me to go to the fabric, craft and yarn stores with her today. I want to go but work is looming over my head. I will probably compromise both and go for a while. It is a three day weekend (no school on Monday).

Budget-I blew through the rest of my pocket money (I started with $100 on January 1. Had $60 when I left for San Francisco. I took out $40 more when I thought I ran out Wednesday night but on Thursday morning I found $20 that I put away in another pocket. I have $20 left and am pretty proud of myself as I used the money for food, coffees, drinks, ferry fees etc. After I got home I checked our envelopes and we have money left in each of the categories. The plan is that money will be dumped into a savings envelope and I will refill each envelope with our budgeted amounts. The savings envelope will then become the fund for big things. We have yet to make a list of what it is we want with this money and need to do that.

Craft-I need to put the purse and straps into the washer today. If I go shopping I will be making progress on the new knitting project as well.

Family Health-I am down 1 pound despite the wild band ride this week. My husband is down a total of 6 pounds but grumbling about how it is not coming off fast enough (I gave him a hard time about getting on the diet roller coaster for complaining about 6 pounds in two weeks!!!). As I was gone I do not know if Grace has been getting on the wii or even eating very well. From what I hear they ate dinner at home but David slipped and did not have them eat at the table while I was gone.


Lonicera said...

One of your rollercoaster weeks! You must be relieved to be home. Gosh you do a lot of driving in your job... Sadly, the car is a wonderful place to snack on long journeys, isn't it?

THE DASH! said...

Oh dear: Both of us caught. Whats with that? Yours sounds worse than mine though - must be trapped air in your tum with all that burping. Ouchy!!!

You've been a busy girl. Hope is slows somewhat for you. And totally jealous about you being in SF.. I would LOVE to get there one day. x