Saturday, January 16, 2010

A House Cleaning Session-

No weight change, not much happening today except the normal up from bed at 7am to go to our Saturday Statistics class. Well-then we got home and started cooking lunch (David is a hot lunch kind of I like a cold sandwich). In the midst of chili thawing and rice cooking we got a call from our Realtor who wanted to show our house Eekkk...We have kept the house clean as far as clean for a family of 3 or sometimes 4 does with a gradual increase in couch side papers and books, mail on the china cupboard etc. The house was not show worthy. This is the first showing since just after Thanksgiving. We dashed for an hour and a half to get all the stuff ready that we could manage and then left to take some stuff back to the store and waste time away.

My neighbor and friend said that since I was kind of over the idea of selling the house now and starting to think in other directions we would likely get an offer this time (one of those Sods law situations). We have not received a phone call as yet.

Finance-spent a little bit on lunch out for Grace and pop for David and I. but after running around town for a bit we came home and dug in the freezer to see what meals could be made from that stuff in the bottom of a chest freezer you always forget is there. We can eat off the darn thing for most of this week. I prepared two quiches and a shepards pie for tomorrow and next week. We also have some fish, bacon and other odds and ends still near the bottom of the freezer.

Health-a good tight band day. I did not ride my bike (day number 2)..I'm feeling guilty. The dinner planning is good though. We will have food ready in the fridge for most of the week (dinner and lunches to carry). David is running on the treadmill and Grace played a bit on the wii. We all ate our Bacon and tomato sandwiches for dinner.

Work-oh I suck big time ...Need to grade.....I will enter 5 articles into the new referencing system tonight though.

Craft-talked to friend who still needs her yarn and needles. I need needles as well so we will go into the new yarn store and have a shop tomorrow.

Time Management-Spent quality shopping time with Grace. Cooked with Grace. She helped us make the quiches and toast for dinner. We also played a game of home-made mancala after dinner. We need to stay on top of the cleaning better though.


THE DASH! said...

I imagine that must be hard trying to figure out a hot lunch all the time lol. I'm like you - throw a sandwich together and be done with it.

Everything sounds like it's on track for you. Isn't it funny - how when we don't manage that exercise (aka you and your bike riding) we feel guilt. Don't remember that before lol.

Debi said...

Wow Tina, you sure are busy!! I can't get everything done & I am retired! I don't know how you do it. Plus trying to sell your house? Wow.

Tina said...

I didn't used to get it all done that is for sure...100 pounds has had a huge difference in what I can get done. I would have melted into the couch today not cleaned or cooked or even written a blog entry :)