Friday, January 22, 2010

Road Trip

Today I allowed my daughter to skip school (I know shocking but I am a firm believer in life experiences as educational opportunity). I had to drive to the other side of the mountains to pick up some paperwork and software from teachers (just office stops) and get it back home for data entry. We left via the sunset highway where on a good day (it was raining). You might get the following view:

Once over the pass we drove onto the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. It is tribal tradition to let the horses roam the area on their own. In the Spring there are round ups and tribal members can choose to brand any new horses born. We saw a herd much like this along the highway this morning.

Our first stop was Madras. It is about 20 minutes drive southeast of the Warm Springs reservation. The town is a small farming town.

There are views like this both north and south of Madras.

Main Street

Statue from South Entrance to town.

After our stop in Madras we Drove to Prineville, OR where I had another drop off and pick up task to accomplish. After this was completed Grace and I stopped into the Tastee Treat for lunch.

The Crook County Courthouse-Prinvefille, OR

View of Town

The Prineville Courthouse is a lovely building. The Tastee Treat is right across the street so you get to look at the park that surrounds it and the building itself while you munch on decadent fast food. I settled on the fish out of my fish and chips and Grace devoured her egg salad sandwich and tater-tots. While we were eating the local news came in and wanted to do an interview with the owner about the new facebook data center that is moving to the area. She agreed and the news caster very nicely made sure Grace got some film time. So of course--now there is film footage of my child skipping school! Do you think the truant officers are going to come knocking down my door?

I did not take any of these pictures. They all came from google images and of course the newstation. I really need to carry my camera!!!

Tomorrow I will catch up on the resolutions: Writing about them is beginning to grow stale!!


Debi said...

Wow Tina, you are so lucky to get to live in such a beautiful area!! Sounds like you had a great day with your Daughter!!

Debi said...

Was that your Daughter in the Pink top? She is cute!!

THE DASH! said...

Oh my goodness - look at those beautiful mountains and the gorgeous towns. Good for you for letting your daughter off for the day - I think - like you said - that life experiences count for so much more than they could learn in any book. Go you, mum!

Lonicera said...

Hey... love your post with all the pictures! It really gives me an idea of what it's like round where you live. It's so beautiful. And so, by the way, is your daughter (little girl in pink fleece?). enjoyed seeing the link.

Jen from Oregon said...

Very cool!
I have lived here 6 years now and have not explored much on the eastern side.
We (the company I work for) send our guys on jobs in Madras and Prineville (we do service station if a texaco changes to shell we go swap all the signage, decals and stuff. Looks neat. Road trip is in my future!!