Friday, January 8, 2010

Even Tighter and Not Hungry!

I did not lose weight yesterday but I was super tired. Instead of following my own resolution action plan I fell apart and took another couch nap from 8:15 to 11am!!! That is just sooooo wrong. At 11 I shifted myself, checked a little of the email from work that I had just avoided for 2.5 hours!! and then had to drive down to pick up Cinda the broken car girl from university.

Cinda has a wicked case of fleas (at least we hope that is what it is) in her apt. So after checking the problem I advised her to break out the big guns and get a bug bomb. Her roommate, because she has no bites is adamantly opposed to the idea but...Cinda is covered in bites. Her roommate is acting like Cinda is crazy or something and should just continue to live with the nightly sleep interruption (she has at least 25 that I counted today). I believe in the darkness wearing camo gear...on the weekend when perhaps this roommate will be gone..the bug bomb is going toooooo be detinated near Cinda's room. did not hear that from me!!

Ok back to the point of this conversation: I forgot to eat!!! I finally got hungry at 1:30 when I got to Cinda's university to pick her up. She gave me some tuna out of her fridge and I ate about 1/2 cup and I was good until 4:30 when I desired (not hungry really) a coffee from Starbucks. Dinner was at 6:00 (one small slice of roast chicken, 3 small cooked carrots and 1 T mashed potatoes. The potatoes stuck and had to be returned to the sink of the free and brave :). I had a piece of cheese at 8 and attempted a protein smoothie at 10 (could only drink 1 cup). woohoooo restriction is back...for now.


Health-no exercise tonight. I was tooooooo tired. We did cook our dinner and I prepped tomorrows dinner so it only has to go in the oven and be reheated. David exercised, Grace excercised...I am just a lazy pile of bones because I chose sleep instead!!

crap...I can't even remember my topics :)ummmmmm craft...yep thats it: I did not touch my knitting today. It thought about the class I want to take but that is it.

Work: OK in penance for my nap I have stayed up until 1am finishing up the pile on my virtual desk. Graded discussions for both classes I am teaching check..submitted presentation proposal...check. Canceled trip to schools for observations and pick up paperwork tonight/tomorrow. Two of the districts closed schools due to ice and the other was on a 2 hour delay. I will probably stay home tomorrow unless there is a tropical wind tonight. If there is I will need to be out the door at 5am (eek that is just 4 hours from now). I still have a paper to write and presentation to help create for a conference on Wednesday.

Time?? was that one of them??? yeah..I didnt have any today because i wasted it all napping!! and then what was left got eaten up by driving (clocked 3.5 hours on the road today). Well at least I drove more than I slept today :) I know there is another topic but frankly I cannot remember it. Hopefully tomorrow I can pull out a fresh sheet of resolution paper and do better.


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Don't give up on your goals. Pick yourself back up today and make today better :)

Lonicera said...

You sound just plain tired - so what, you slept more than usual on one must have needed it.

THE DASH! said...

Poor you - life sounds ultra-busy right now. Don't beat yourself up over a nap - if you had it, you must have needed it. I'm the queen of nana naps too! An hour or so really recharges the batteries.