Thursday, January 21, 2010


I got out and rode for the second day in a row. I still did not make it up the first pain in the rear hill. I got up a couple of peddle cycles more. I did, however make it all the way up my street without stopping. This extra push did require serious lung hacking and a dizzy spell when I finally got off the bike and walked in the front door. Bike riding is weird really. When you are actually riding the bike it seems easier..I cover more ground, more quickly than walking. The difference is, though, that when i get off the bike the fatigue is wayy more severe. When I finish a walk..i might have a bit more blood pumping in my veins but that is about it. When I stepped up onto the threshold of my front door after my bike ride my legs almost collapsed out from underneath me. They really did not hurt that much when I got off the bike just a couple of whet noodles when I tried to use them. When I sat down on the couch (yes I know I should have cooled down)...I felt quite dizzy. It is an and oddity. I do like to ride my bike and I have a much greater urge to do it than I do any other form of exercise so for now..I will keep doing it. I might even...try to train for a race or something that is longer than my neighborhood loop.

We had a mad clean this evening as we have not one but two real estate agents and their clients coming to view our house tomorrow. Things seen to be warming up a bit in the house viewing market at any rate. At this point I should say please keep your fingers crossed that we get an offer but I am not 100% positive I want one anymore :) I am going with a let the chips fall kind of attitude. There are great things about downsizing and great things about staying and I will go with the flow on this one.

I originally wrote my resolutions are beginning to tank a bit but after I wrote it I found that really I am doing is almost like trying to juggle 5 balls..I can only keep three in the air and two seem to fall all the time. I just need more practice juggling :)!

budget-I have had to buy a few things that were not budgeted for and I'm not sure what category they should come from. I think I need to add a pot for 'other' so that I am not taking money from groceries or my (already spent) pot to buy poster board for Graces school or tennis shoes etc.

Time-I worked a bit, socialized with friends a bit and spent quality time with Grace a bit. Just now I am relaxing on the sofa with laptop in lap while David is on his (pretty normal fare for us). We seem to really be getting along well lately-I think it is that we are working on common and shared goals. It is amazing how that can strengthen relationships.

Health-still eating at home, still mostly at the table, exercise is up for me and still going strong for hubby. Grace asked if she could go on a bike ride with me. We will have to plan one after school together.

Work-I did some scheduling, online assistance to students, emailing and paper organizing today. Not frantic but ahhhh just right :)

Craft-I put my yarn away in its living room holder because one had fallen out. NO knitting yet---maybe i can make a start this weekend.

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