Monday, January 18, 2010

Birth Control and the Band

I use a Nuva ring to control some peri-menopausal bleeding issue I have been having for the past two and 1/2 years. The first year I used a ring every month just as any fertile woman would do. I am not a very pleasant person on the pill. It messes with my hormones and I turn into a bitch and lets just say a convent would suit me just fine.

I had a tubal when I had my youngest daughter because I decided to quit the baby making business for good. Needless to say this whole need to use birth control seems a waste of time and is annoying given the side effects and the seeming uselessness of the whole thing.

About a year ago I went back into the gynecologists office to see if there was anything that could be done about the situation. After four c-sections my 'equipment' is a tad scarred up. A D & C is out of the question. The doctor scared the crap out of me concerning a hysterectomy. I am not sure this was a valid fear to convey but for now I am rolling with it.

A solution to my poor family's suffering :) I have for the last 8 months or so used the pill off and on every other month. I have no period one month (this is the only positive side effect from the thing!) and then a slightly heavy one the next which is tempered by going back to the Nuva Ring.

Which finally brings me to the point of this long diatribe. Today I started the first day of my 'off ring' month. I think hormones mess with my tightness big time. I have slammed shut and I LOVE it! I am back to the level where I do not really feel hunger and a small amount of food does me just fine. My lunch took ages to go through my band and it is currently dinner time. All I am interested in is my glass of orange juice and vodka at this point. Thus far today I have had 2 inches of a turkey and cheese baguette sandwich and three bites of macaroni salad my daughter shared with me. Grace ended up eating the rest of my sandwich. I will try and get some dinner down (more quiche) a little later this evening and should be good for the day. I might try and chase it all with a protein shake just to up my protein levels.

I did not expect this to happen. This lapband is a wild ride where sometimes the variability of the band tightness is maddening while at other times it feels like I have been given a gift to motivate me forward!!

Health-still no exercise but I will get on the wii tonight (why do I hate it so?). We did not eat dinner at the table as Grace and I weren't hungry and David was. Our biggest effort of exercise was a shopping trip.

Budget-We showed the house today and when I walked out I left my grocery money behind. We took pop cans back for our deposit money and I left them in my pocket. I spent money off the debit card that was not supposed to be spent and will have to deposit to make up for it or horrible mess up the plan...ahh I'm a bad budgeteer. Grace had the day off from school so she and I spent some quality time shopping and spending the money we weren't supposed to spend. I found a nice pair of shoes (for interviews of course!). She needed and found a pair of tennis shoes. Both of these were on 50% off the clearance price. I got 4 primrose and 4 pansies to put into my doorway flowerpots (we need curb appeal right!) and then I got some groceries that David forgot.

Work-I will finish grading the papers tonight..honest. I stayed up quite late last night working away on them. I have articles to organize on Zotero as well.

Time-the monkey is stalking me. Grace and I shopped (good). I am going to show her how to knit (or attempt to show) this evening after she sorts out a box of junk in her room. David and I will spend a cozy evening ensconced in our respective computers siting side by side on the couch. Maybe I will send him a google message just so we can feel closer (sarcasm is dripping here!! :))...but I do really need to get work done and I know he wants to start on the taxes (wait for that post and I will explain our yearly argument pattern).

Craft: woohooo I washed the purse and strap. I even put in a failed purse for another run in the washing machine to see if I can improve it. Grace was suitably impressed and wants ownership of the once large but now small bag I felted. The pattern for my new sweater project is being held hostage at my friends house. I need to walk up and retrieve it!


Debi said...

Sounds like you have the perfect solution to lack of restriction right now!! Isn't hormones funny how they work?

Glad to hear that you are still Knitting & going to teach your DD how to Knit too!

THE DASH! said...

These bands of ours are funny creatures - I swear they always keep us guessing! I think like Debi said, its probably hormones, but hey, whatever works, huh!!

Keep up that knitting frenzy. I will put my order in lol.. ok only joking.. but I am jealous you are so crafty. I can't knit for nuts!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I have taken hormones since my hysterectomy but haven't noticed an effect on my band, hmmmm.

Tina said...

I wonder if it isn't the change in levels that is the issue..not the hormones themselves. Still tight today and down a pound.