Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Am Better Than Average

I went in for a fill appointment today. The doctor was all complementary and happy with my weight loss. I lost 8 pounds since the end of November. I felt like I lost maybe 3 pounds (why does real life feel slower??). He gave me a fill of .5 I am getting close to about 9cc's of fluid. I did the fill standing up and like last time it worked great!! easy in and easy out. Always laying down he killed me and had to aim several times. About half-way into the conversation he said to make sure and stay on top of the research study I am participating in (He wants to make sure his succeeding patients get counted). He then said...You are doing great...ummm you are doing better than average :) he is such a nerd!!!! but I love that in a man especially my surgeon.

So now I have .5cc's more fluid and I am scared (I always am after a fill). I had a nice cuppa tea when I got home. I nibbled on 1/2 a peanut butter and banana sandwich I had saved from breakfast. It went down smoothly. For dinner I made a turkey burger cottage pie and it went down nicely but I got full with my 1/2c and am feeling good. woohoooooo. Here is to the 3 pounds left until 100pounds lost and 7 pounds to onderland.


health: homecooked dinner, planned meals for week and went grocery shopping for goods. Planned in hidden vegetables for the family. No wii today but I did have my grandson and due to a lost stroller herded him and his car seat up to the surgeons office with me and back down again. My shoulders and back are killing me from it.

Budget: groceries were 80.00. We are trying for 100.00 per week but with a 40.00 dollar trip a few days ago we are already tipping the edge. I think some of the meals I purchased will carry over to next week.

Family: ate dinner at the table. Had Grace help with the grocery shopping by carrying the list and getting vegetables and things off the shelves. She got so excited by the responsibility that she wanted Grant (grandson) to also be allowed to pick up vegetables and add them to the bags. I can't believe I never thought of doing this before!! After we got home and while I cooked dinner Grace got in some Wii fit time and now David is doing his. I am pooped and am going to give it a miss tonight.

Craft: Knitted on itty bitty bag while Grant napped in the car and I waited for school to get out. worked for 1/2 an hour. My squares are much bigger than the sample and instructions. I need to measure to see how soon I will be done.

Work: Not much. I read some emails and read some of the introduction postings for the newest class I am co-teaching. I need to reply to them and start this weeks grading rubric. I Get my application off for a potential job next year and register for a conference this Spring.---I would strike through the register thingy as I have just completed that job but I cannot figure out how those of you who use the strike through using blogger do it!!! helpppppppppp!!!


THE DASH! said...

Do you mean the words during a post where it looks like it's crossed out?? Thats on your post part up near the font and colour etc. I think it has an A with a stike thru it. If this isnt what you meant ignore me.. loony! lol

Love the way you separate each component and talk about it. Very easy to read. And go you on the fill - that's exciting. Hope you find the sweet spot and kill that last 3 pounds. I'm cheering you on!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

You are at 9cc now? what size band are you? Inquiring minds wanna know! lol

Lonicera said...

8 lbs in just over a month - wow... see how it creeps off and you hardly notice with this band? Wonderful, well done.

Tina said...

Cara: Yes that is exactly what I was looking for..will go have a look for the crossed out A.

Dee: If I remember correctly it is 12ccs. The surgeon is very squirrely about telling me though. He always just says its a big one. He has a thing about band patients getting obsessed by fill levels.

Caroline: it tells you how much our crazy brains can lead us astray. I was seriously depressed at how little i had lost...stupid because it seemed so slow. The spurt of weight-loss and then nothing for weeks is very annoying but again I have to keep reminding myself that even though it feels like a roller coaster I am on a country drive and no matter how long it takes what I need to do is be slow and steady.