Friday, January 15, 2010


This morning was my catch up news. For me I also need to put down my progress. I got a little sloppy while in San Francisco and My attitude slipped along with it. This planning for success stuff is crazy good :) I always used to take quite a bit of pride in the fact that I was a go with the flow unplanned person. Well if the last two weeks are anything to go by I was a nutter to think that. Planning helps you accomplish stuff...Now I fully plan on maintaining my openness to spontaneity but as far as daily living is concerned I am a planning convert.


Health-down 1 pound. fairly good level of band tightness today. Cinda cooked tamales and a vegetable sauce for dinner. I ate 1/2a tamale (about 2 oz. with 1/4 cup of veges and a dollop of light sour cream. I had 3oz of garlic cheddar cheese curds for lunch (a tasty find from the health food store). my orange juice and vodka after dinner and a small piece of apple cake that Cinda baked yesterday. I thought about the bike but my bum is a tad sore and achy. other than some water and two Diet Cokes that is all I ingested for today.

David put his exercise off until just now (10pm). Grace played with two friends after school today and did not do much running around. We did all eat our dinner at the table and even ate with one of Cinda's friends too.

Budget-David put together a spreadsheet, estimated his yearly bonus and figured out how quickly we could pay off all debts and start saving. I got our cash out of the bank for the next two weeks and divvied it up into the appropriate envelopes. I promptly blew most of my allowance on yarn to make my sweater (see craft :)). The good news is that by the end of February life will be debt free and we will be sitting pretty with only a house payment. We have tentative ideas of staying in this house for a while (the market sucks and we have had no bites at its current sale price). If we commit to the next 4-5 years it would make sense to refinance it to a 10 year mortgage at a better interest rate than we currently have. All tentative...all in thought but still nice to think about.

Family time-I went shopping with Cinda in the end. I found my sweater yarn at a cool yarn store on the East side of the river ( I got a nice dark green that I am really happy with and think will not drive me insane on this long sweater project. After my big purchase we went to a nearby fabric store for Cinda to look at fabric for an in the planning stages quilt.

Craft-I did not felt the purse parts yet but I did buy my yarn for the next project. It was a bit spendy..$90 dollars!! but the yarn is wool and I love the color. I will just have to make sure i love the sweater!!! I might pop in this new yarn shop tomorrow for another look around as they are having a sale and there were some lovely yarns in bins that I only half looked at today because of sticker shock on what I did buy. I did not have my patterns with me so could not get any necessary needles.

Work-I just downloaded Zotero. It is a reference database software that I have been told is really, really nifty. It will automatically do my bibliography citations and keep track of downloaded articles and pick up references off the web. all together a piece of software to make a researchers heart go pitter patter. I did not finish grading the online course that needs doing. I can tell I will be working this weekend. I also have a web course to develop and my own web design project to get done!!

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chicroses said...

Ive enjoyed your post.WOW 101lbs...So cool!!as hattie said yesterday. I havent gone to WW for 5wks even though I am paying. Each week something comes up.Ive been doing WW though for about 2 wks. Anyway the knitting project I cant wait to see..Wow yarn is espensive. We come across good yarn at yardsales alot. Went to addiemaes yesterday.she showed me a quilt the hospital will raffle is so neat..all squares with all red embrodered with red know how old ladys have yukky quilts the make and raffle off?? Well this one is really nice..antique looking. Hard to believe she is still active. Sally