Friday, January 29, 2010


I think it is time to pay greater attention to what is going in my mouth. I went to and signed up to log my activity and food intake. This was recommended by Barbara and "This time I'm doing it for me".

I have never been much good at this daily logging thing but heck..i have been blogging now for more than a year and that is working. Maybe it is time to start logging my food and exercise too. I put it all in and came out under 1000 calories and that included the doughnut from today!! With dinner and my orange juice and vodka this evening I figure i just about hit 1200. Add in 30 minutes on my bike and I am feeling OK. The computer said that if I want to lose the rest of my weight (to 155) by next july I need to be eating 1440 calories a day. I don't think my metabolism is revved up that much but it says it can be done and I am going to roll with it. I will not eat when I am not hungry but as long as I stay under that number I should be fine right??

Today my restriction has been a tad up again. arghghg..this band thing is difficult sometimes. I thought I was in a groove and had things figured out and now here I am facing a new dilemma. I did not call the surgeon for a fill appointment. I am going to do my utmost this weekend to stay on the straight and narrow. Come Monday I will call if I think I need a fill.


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I fought the whole logging thing because it brought flashbacks to failed diets in the past. I use Loseit! app on my iphone and it has now become automatic. I only track calories and proteins.

Nicole said...


Just found your blog, Congrats! On your amazing success so far!