Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nice Day

I love Sundays. It is the only day of the week where free sleeping in can be had and rarely have we made plans that require going out and doing anything. It is truly a day to do as we please.

On this Sunday I woke at 8:30 and did a bit of the grading I put off over the last couple of days. Nichole and my grandson Grant came to visit. He is just learning to talk and is hilarious as he comes up and has what he thinks are completely lucid conversations that are only really half understandable. He copies almost every word said and then practices it with diligence. I love 2 year olds. They have so much joie d vive and silliness all rolled into one.

David took Grace off to the grocery store to pick up our weekly shopping list and Nichole and I worked (she grading her papers and I grading my math ed students papers) while Grant took his afternoon nap.

After lunch a friend and I took a run back to the Twisted shop (they were having a sale) and then off to the local fabric and craft store for needles to start our sweater projects. Except for one needle size that the store did not have we are set to go. I bought some more yarn (I am sooo naughty I know) that I like better than my first set. I am now stocked to make two sweaters! I will make a cardigan out of a dark foresty green and a wrap sweater our of a hand painted yarn that goes from lime to olive and then a darkish avacado color (very hard to explain but I love it).

I did not really have to cook dinner this evening as we have a fridge full of food for the week and leftovers besides. Grace turned her nose up at each and every one of them preferring a grilled cheese sandwich instead. I do love a good grilled cheese but that is not going to be good enough to sustain her this week. I wish I could figure out how to get kids to eat. She helped to make the darned quiche and still won't eat it!

Budget-other than my yarn shop spree we are still on target this week. Our grocery shopping was excellent and on target money wise. We have not really spent anything else.

Work-did a little but definitely will need to do some more tonight. I did not do my 5 references last night opting instead to waste time on facebook and then go to bed.

Health-food is OK but my exercise has been dismal since I got home. I felt an urge to go out today and take a ride but the work monkey hanging on my back kept me in (not sure if it was the avoidance monkey instead!). I am doing so well in most of my other improvement areas I need to really work on the exercise for myself. David and Grace are still doing pretty well. David especially has been hard at his healthy eating and exercising and is down 7.5 pounds..woohoo :)

Time-David spend quality grocery time with Grace today and I spent quality time with Nichole and Grant. I am going to spend a little bit of time in Nichole's class next week as a guest speaker :) It should be fun! I have got to harness the success I am having with craft with my work instead of dropping one for the other.


THE DASH! said...

Ahh the avoidance monkey - know all about this little critter!! All else is going great guns though!!

Debi said...

Sounds like you are really into the Knitting! I can only Crochet, but I do love to when I have time. I am getting ready to make myself a hat & then a Baby Blanket for my Niece's Baby Boy on the way!

Tina said...

i love both crochet and knitting. The knitting is new so more challenging than crochet. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was 8 or so. I made doilies and dolls and even blankets when my daughters were small. I just learned the knitting when Grant was born so it is more exciting-plus I have always wanted to make as sweater for myself!!