Saturday, January 2, 2010

Progress? With Pics.

I made a bit of progress on the planning and execution of self/family improvement.

We took action on the finances front by looking at the cell phone bill and getting cash from the bank (a two week allowance for each of us). We have vowed that we are only allowed to use our debit cards when getting gas in the cars. The goal here is to only get one page of transactions in the checking account instead of pages of small ones.

The Wii fit came out this morning and All three of us played on it. David is now trying to beat my spectacular one mistake on the step aerobics. Grace knows how to navigate all of the controls and helped me figure out how to sign in...arghghg today's youth ;).

I had a look for a new knitting pattern to start and looked through one of my technique books for ideas. I want to try a cable or something and maybe a simple cardigan for grace. This afternoon I am gong to do some work as Grace has a friend coming over for a sleep over.

I have split pea soup ready to go on for dinner and David is making a loaf of his bread. Lunch was leftovers of which there is enough for tomorrow as well.

I had quite a bit of trouble with dinner last night. We broiled some steaks and I made a scalloped potato thing. The steak was a little tough and although I thought it went down OK it definitely did not. I am back down to my all time low of 208 but the 4 pound still remain between me and my 100 pound mark. I was all ready to go in for a fill but after last night I am a little needle shy again. I go in next week so I guess will decide then as to whether I need more juice.

Finally-I am adding a few pictures one from last year and two from this..What a difference a year makes!!

Christmas 2008 with my daughter Cinda

David and I in front of the Christmas tree 2009

My Grandson Grant and I in December, 2009.


THE DASH! said...

I can't see your pics - or is that for the next post?

You are really going great guns with your planning. Things are sure to smooth out for you and take off in the direction you want. Planning is critical and smart!!!

Linda said...

You're doing great on your to do list. I do hate the debit card thing too - it's too convenient.
You're so close to the 100 pound mark - it's amazing. Just think once you hit that it's only 5 pounds to onederland.

Lonicera said...

I love the pictures - such a difference! The idea of family pictures on the Christmas tree is terrific, I'll remember that.

Simone said...

Happy New Year Tina!

Many thanks for the comment on my blog, it was lovely to hear from you.

Many congratulations on your weight FANTASTIC!!

I really enjoyed reading your post below on filling that blank sheet of paper, you sound very focused....very inspiring :)

Happy 2010 :)

Debi said...

You are doing fantastic on the weight loss!! Don't worry, the 5 lbs until onederland will come off!!

As for the fill, if you fell you need it, but are afraid to get it because of the issue with the steak, I would go ahead & get it.

My Doctor says that Steak is one of the hardest for bandster's to eat. Some are never able to eat it again. Others can eat it without too much difficulty. But it is definitely one of the harder things to eat.

Just a thought.