Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazyyyyyyyy Day

I just finished having office hours. Skype is evil trullly evil i tell you. Actually before we got this great idea to hold virtual office hours for the online classes I teach I thought skype was a wonderful invention. Who wouldn't love talking real time with family and friends all around the world. Grace talks to her grandma in Wales with the camera on and it brings a little bit of closeness when family is so far away. Well when you let all of your students in on this skype deal they ask complicated questions at all hours of the night!! :) I just got off skype with one who needed webpage troubleshooting help and I am tired! I will have to start hiding sometimes I think.

Today I burst forth from my slumber (yeah never!!). Grace and David left uneventfully early after we, like a well-oiled machine made breakfast, lunches and dressed. I pushed them out the door and sat with my morning caffeine (Diet coke-hereafter codeword DC). I usually savor the little gem until 10am (yes 8am to 10 am over a single luscious DC). This morning Meghan, my second oldest daughter called at around 9:30 for a pre-job interview pep talk. I graded a paper and then..i actually had the urge...wait for are not going to believe this....seriously.....

ride my bike!!! and I actually did get off my sorry arse and get on the bike and rode it around my neighborhood. I did not shirk the hills. I took off down my street attempted to ride up the assiest hill on the planet (walking up most of it) and then road around the neighborhood adding in a couple of loops for good measure. I walked at the beginning on the F$#$ hill and then again on the I'm almost home hill.

When I got home my next door neighbor (a nice retired guy who likes to talk) met me at my driveway for a bit of a chat. Only..i was too hot from riding my bike and had to take my coat off. then I had to hack up my right and then my left lungs...finally i could actually speak and my neighbor said the nicest thing to me on the planet....sooo how much further on this thin thing are you going to go? and I said ohhh i have a about 50 pounds left to get to the normal range. and he said..ohhh no you will blow away if you do that! :) My neighbor has the tiniest wife from Korea you have ever seen. If she were not over the age of 21 she would not be legal to ride in the front seat of the car! Given that hardly anyone makes comments about my weight loss to my face I am quite pleased with my neighbor right now.

After his wife called him (she was worried he had fallen somewhere out on his walk but instead he was wasting time in front of his house)...I came in the house and went back to work. I had to talk my daughter through her post-job interview update and then my husband on his budgeting research update and then help two students with problem...then pick up grace at school....then more paper grading which I finally finished...then a crisis because my boss decided there was yet another job that I had 'forgotten' to do.....This was followed by more skype help. Poor grace brought her blankets out to the couch and we snuggled underneath while I typed madly and she started a story.

I did not have the energy to clean up after the bunco company and yes this is now 24 hours after (I am toooo tired from the bike ride and work)...I did not spend quality time with my child (even though she was joyfully happy with snuggling on the couch). Oh..we did have a conversation about her unhappiness at school and the girl in puberty talk...Goodness knows why that seemed a good time but I guess I have to take it as it comes...Dinner was made late....Grace went to bed late..and I am sitting her at 11:06 typing my daily blog at a mad pace so I can go to bed.

Craft?? what is craft???I think I bought some yarn a while back but I'm not sure where it is?? :)

goodnight everyone..tomorrow is another day.


Debi said...

Wow Tina!! You really had a day!!

I commend you on your bike ride though & you didn't shirk the hills!! Go you!

Great NSV with the neighbor too!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I have many hills around my house too. Bike riding is a challenge in my neighborhood for a 50 yr old obese woman. Yay for you and your biking adventure and NSV!

THE DASH! said...

EEK! HILLS!! lol You did great - and whats more - you faced them and the bike ride you knew was coming head on.

Fantastic NSV too!

Lonicera said...

Your life is so hectic that it sounds as though you don't have much quiet time to yourself... You've certainly got more get up and go than I ever have!