Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A pound is a pound..

My tight day yesterday resulted in a pound off. and my body appears to have fought back today with the snackiest urges ever. Although I did not eat a vast quantity of food I kept a steady stream of crap in for much of the day. A piece of my husband's Anna Dama bread for breakfast (it was a mini loaf and quite crunchy). mid morning I cracked into some @$#%$% peanut M & M's I bought for the bunco night I was hosting. Probably ate 12-15 of them. I had 2 oz of cheddar cheese and 5 wheat thin crackers for lunch. Had 7 more of the darned m& m's and then took my grandson and youngest to the ice cream shop for a cone. I am still quite tight so much so that I struggled a bit with a scoop of ice cream. I gave up and gave my grandson the cone part of the thing.

This evening I hosted our neighborhood bunco group. For them I served one of my quiche's (made this weekend) and made some of what I call Texas Nacho's. My mom used to make them for parties when I was small. Pan fried quartered corn tortillas until crispy. sprinkle on cheese (she used velveeta I use cheddar). Place a pickled jalapeno pepper slice and bake until the cheese goes bubbly. I ate 4 of those nachos and probably 10 more M&M's. I also drank a vodka an orange juice (before I ate anything of course!). I skipped all of the other snacks and food laying around and I suppose that is good as I know for a fact a year ago I would have started sucking down all of the food after everyone had left.

So now I am sitting here at midnight-I put the perishables away but I am too tired to really clean up. I ate wayyy too much crap today and will probably pay some sort of a price with a pound up on the scale tomorrow or some other penance. I'm even too tired to report on the new years resolutions..Damn..i have to...

Health-crap eating for me. David is down 9 pounds. Grace, Grant and I did some indoor running (up and down the hall and couch gymnastics for them).

Work-corrected papers for most of the day. Had a teleconference meeting where I was asked about some task I had never been assigned. Either I am having memory loss or my boss is....I'm kind of worried it might be me.

Craft-looked at my purses and fondled my yarn but no progress. I did stitch a bit on Graces project and talked about her knitting. I am kind of afraid i am not doing it right. Everyone thinks I knit in a freaky way. I think it is called continental but I am not sure because i kind of made it up in combination with what my friend taught me...Ill keep you posted on that one.

Time-Had some great play time with both Grace and Grant today. My house is quite long with two longish hallways and a few loops that we can run around to make circuits. So the three of us ran up and down the hallways and around doorways playing hide and seek and what we call 'boo' where we hopped out and yelled boo at each other. It was all good fun and Grant loved it. We took a hop outside when we had a brief hail storm and stomped in some mud puddles and took a few swipes at the water in my bird bath. Finally we all came back in the house and Grace and Grant climbed on a foot stool positioned as an endtable and did headers onto my couch over the arm. I sat at the end and caught them then they rolled off to run around and climb on again. it was all good fun and we laughed quite a bit. Towards the end Grace stopped, looked at me and said. "you know mom we sure laugh a lot more than we used to".....Right there is why I need to keep up with these resolutions- especially the time one.


THE DASH! said...

Must have been something in the air - I had a snacky day today too. Sheesh. What is it with us. Some days we are stronger than others. Tomorrow is another day (thankfully!!) We will do better. x

Jen from Oregon said...

I can't have m&ms in the house...at all!
Sounds like you got some good play time in!!!!

PS: care to share your quiche recipe?