Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Flipping Scale is a Piece of Crap :)

It read 165 again today and then 168 and 167. I seriously need a real scale with weights and stuff. I have no idea where I would station the thing in the house. My current scale his its home at the food of my bed subtly placed next to a cedar chest. A big old serious scale would probably have to go in the garage next to the treadmill and bikes. Oh wait--did I get all excited and thank my scale a few days ago? Why yes, yes I did...well she is definitely out of favor today.

I feel pretty happy that the running and chocolate balanced. I am back to that hungry place before I had my last fill but I am kind of afraid to go in and ask for a re-fill. I am on my second breakfast already this morning (have only been up for an hour). I started with a Greek Yogurt and have just added a bowl of steel cut oatmeal. Today I am going to try and go for a volume diety kind of day. That much food as I can get for as little amount of calories. The chocolate was in one of those get home starving and start tearing the fridge apart for anything I can stuff in my mouth kind of moments...

Up to now this lapband gig has been more about making good choices then it has been about dieting. I can feel myself shifting into diet zone and I am not sure if it is wise or not. It is a piddly amount of weight but will it send me off spiraling into my old success followed by failure and then more failure patterns of behavior? Am I really ready now to take this on? We are talking 1-3 pounds (depending on what the scale really says). That should not be too difficult but....

On the life not related to my band front. Grace and I have no work/school in honor of veteran's day. David has no day off. I was really looking forward to family bonding time...I was wrong and feeling very resentful about it.


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