Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Pain In My Side-

No pound today but do I have a pain. Right after I typed my last post I took off with my grandson to the store. While shopping my port started hurting like crazy. Worse even than when I had it installed and second surgery to fix it. Maggie did punch in (right away and with no poking around) to pull out that .2 cc's of saline but geezzz this feels like she pummeled me like a punching bag. If it doesn't clear up by Monday I guess I am going to have to call in.

I don't suppose any of you have had port infections or anything? Being the paranoid hypochondriac that I am; I am running through an ever more devastating list of scenarios as to what is going on. It is probably nothing but my imagination can make a hangnail into cancer.

I went to a party last night (Guy Fawkes) and although I didn't go off the deep end I did not behave well enough to get a second pound off in a day. Today is going to be crazy with work and then getting the house ready for an open house tomorrow. So eating and drinking will not be a priority. If I can fit in another bike ride I will.

Happy Saturday all.

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THE DASH! said...

Bike rider extraordinare! Thats you. Amazing.

Hope the pain goes soon. You might have just given it a pummeling with the fill. Hope thats it. x