Friday, November 12, 2010

Continuous PMS?

I think my peri-menopause is back with a vengeance. I have had two mini-periods this month and a serious attitude problem over the last several days is finally making me think that I have some kind of a hormonal imbalance gong on. I have a friend once than said PMS isn't irrational it provides clarity about the things that really bug you and that normally you are too easy going to say anything about.

well...there is a lot of crap that bugs me as can be seen in my last few posts and believe me they have been made more pleasant for your viewing pleasure. I have not had an optimal attitude with anyone around here.

I weighed-it is the same as yesterday.

My shopping trip yielded a picture frame for a watercolor that a friend gave to me. and a very large canvas to paint. I now have two paintings in my head and I am going to get them going this weekend. I haven't really talked about it or even done any paintings lately but I do dabble in a bit of water color on canvas. I have a large painting in the living room that I painted a few years ago (large Georgia O'Keefe-like leaves). A couple of weeks ago I found canvases on sale at Craft warehouse and have since found a photo of a tree with yellow leaves that I want to try to get down on a square canvas I have and then I have world map idea. I want to paint it on the very large canvas and then add bits and pieces that we collect as we travel.

Grace has another day off today and I have two 1/2 hour meetings at nearby schools. On another aspect of my job-I am waiting for a colleague to get his/her part of a job done so I can do mine but that we are supposed to have a meeting over on Monday (Yup..having some 'clarity' about this one too).

Ok getting off to knit and paint and meet and kid wrangle and do my best to avoid 'clarity'.



tessierose said...

I think PMS adds clarity, in that it's clear my family must love me, because they stick it out after each month's episode! Hope things even out soon!

Nella said...

i finally got mine and its sucking hard! i feel your pain sista! YOU ARE ROCKIN THE BAND!

Lonicera said...

OK - let me transcend your clarity to get to MY clarity as far as you're concerned: you are bloody amazing. Just look at those pictures at the top of your blog (somebody help me tie her to her chair so she can't move, tie a strap around her forehead and nail each end to the wall so she can't move her eyes) right then, as I was saying: never mind all the clarity about your job or those about you, concentrate on the crystal clarity of the person you are today. Keep looking at those pictures. You are another person... and it wasn't war, plague or pestilence that did it, YOU did it! Five years ago, if someone had told you how on 12th November 2010 you would be fretting over PMT and the last pound to achieve goal, what would you have done? I'll tell you: you would have rolled on the floor laughing, your legs kicking in the air with uncontrolled mirth.
PMT is a walk in the park. So there.

amandakiska said...

I hope you can use your "clarity" for good and not evil! Feel better!