Thursday, November 11, 2010

All About Attitude

I just reread my earlier post...well I am in a foul mood eh? So two+ years ago I weighted 300 pounds and I probably would have posted exactly the same post. Apparently I need to get a grip and stop focusing on the stinking damnable 1 pound I have left. I know for a fact I would have snorted in derision at my 'skinny' friends moaning about the same exact things.

Apparently the lesson here is no matter where I am on the scale I will not be truly happy with what is says (of course unless it shows a drop) :)

I'm off to shop...retail therapy always helps.



amandakiska said...

Sometimes it's the little things that are the most frustrating. I see this last pound sort of representing the entire weight loss process for you. How many times have you lost SOME weight, but not gotten to goal? If you are unable to lose this last pound, is this time different? The answer, of course, is YES! You've lost a lot of weight and more importantly, you've changed your relationship with food and adopted healthy skills like regular exercise.

And you WILL lose that last pound. Put your scale away for a week. It is making you crazy!

Something About Kellie said...

You will get there. It just wants to make you really work for it!!! Excess weight likes to play these little mind games - irritating.

I'd definately swap you your last pound for my 100+!!!

I agree with Amanda - put the scale away for a few days!

CeeJay said...

I hate to tell you this girlfriend...but you do need an attitude adjustment! Holy mackeral, look at how far you have come!!!! Don't you dare let this one little pound kick your ass, you are an awesome inspiration and a terrific success story! You will lose that last pound and we will all celebrate!!!! Woohoo!