Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goal Post Number 1

In honor of hitting the huge goal line in this lapband journey I am plotting and planning a week of posts. Feel free to make suggestions-The posting begins tomorrow. Here is the game plan thus far:

day 1-Monday-vlog (and begin the give-away comment pool)
day 2-Tuesday-before and after pictures (swimsuits included)
day 3-Wednesday-skin pics
day 4-Eating changes
day 5-what I have learned
day 6-Exercise?
day 7-what is next?

I am totally open to suggestions-questions-whims-if you post a question I will answer it on the vlog tomorrow in fact.

yesterday after an unplanned return home (ah to be anonymous) after the Thanksgiving holidays we all went up to a cool Christmas tree farm and cut down trees (two for my house and one for Nichole's). From left to right-Jamarri (Cinda's boyfriend),Cinda (third oldest daughter), David (hubby), Me, Meghan (second oldest daughter), Nichole (oldest daughter). Nichole is holding Grant (grandson) and Grace (youngest daughter) is down in front :)



Rachel said...

Awesome!!! It is wonderful that you reached goal!!!! And your family pic is just precious! Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog. I appreciate them!

Alison said...

Fantastic! Well done!

Lonicera said...

Many, many congratulations Tina - hope you'll celebrate by coming to England next year!

Sandy Lee said...

So cool when the ticker says "0 lbs to go" . You earned it. Great going.

amandakiska said...

OMG!!!! YES!!!! I knew you'd get there! And right after Thanksgiving, thank you very much!!!

Linda said...

Tina - I'm so excited you hit goal. You are truly one of my band idols - a great example of slow and steady wins the race.