Friday, November 5, 2010

T minus 1

After my last post I went for a quick bike ride around my neighborhood. I then popped home for a quick shower before my babysitting duties started. Well...I took a quick stop at my beautiful, awesome, accurate, never did a mean thing to me scale and read....165.

I think I can do whatever it takes to get that final pound off and I will be doing so for the next however many days that takes. Watch this space for my goal day blog-o-party. The events will include:

1. Give away-s.
2. Before and After pics
3. Naked fleshy saggy skin pics
4. a vlog
5. Tina's home-made Turtle award.

As this is my second post of the day-check below this one for my Thank you Jen!!!


Read said...

WOW!! WOO HOO! That's absolutely Fan-freakin-tastic.

And I love the new header, that Jen is a genius!

Lonicera said...

Love the way you're clearly on a high. Well done you!!!

Sandy Lee said...

I'm jealous. But oh so happy for you. The realization that you actually "did it" is monumental. Don't you agree?

amandakiska said...

OMG! I am freaking out and jumping up and down for you!!!

Can't wait for the naked/saggy pictures!!!

THE DASH! said...

Amazing: you are still on the ball and still losing. Congrats, Tina dearest :)