Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Teetering Again

This morning my scale read 165.4. I don't feel like I have been back to small meals or have even really felt optimal restriction this week (restriction is totally relative don't you think?). Yet my goal weight is a mere 0.5 pounds away. I know...don't throw stuff but I really think that if I care about staying 'normal' on the BMI scale I am gong to need to weight a little below the 164 mark in order to let the 3-4 pound fluctuation stay within the normal range.

Of course a good tummy tuck might do the trick too :). Several pounds ago I went in for a consult and the plastic surgeon was gagging to get her knife on my floppy skin..just wait until you see my naked stomach...It is a sight!! She even called me in August offering a 20% discount if I would book my surgery with them. It seemed a bit creepy to me (buy now and save money) plus my friend went with this place for some liposuction and isn't happy with the result. I am not sure at this point if I actually will ever get one...I'm still chewing on the idea.

I lost a follower this week and gained a few more. In addition I have some new commenters..hooray! I do love it when everyone leaves me a little note (even if it is to chew me out!)...Welcome to all of you. The first thing I do when someone leaves a comment that I am not already following is go on over and check out your blog and add you to my list on the right side of the screen. I do not always follow you back because I use the side bar to keep track of you. I will try and remember to do both though.

Such a small decimal...0.5 I hope it disappears quickly.


Caroline said...

Try not to worry about that .5!
It does seam a little strange to me to be offering the discount like that! who knows.. surgery is super expensive maybe a discount wouldn't be too bad haha. I still have so far to go and I'm pretty sure I'm already starting to see that my thighs are gonna be really bad by the time I'm done losing.

THE DASH! said...

lol I lost a follower then gained another all overnight too! Glad they are gathering behind you.
I too am chewing on the thought of a tummy tuck - but I am still a little chicken at the thought. So much down time and expense...and pain. EEK. Let me know if and when you decide.

Jacquie said...

What I find creepy is both you and Cara "chewing" on things and talking about a tummy tuck in the same sentance!!! LOL

You look fantastic with or without a TT but I am sure that would get you under your goal weight! You can do it without also, as you continue to prove!

I was looking at my inner thighs and think I will need a little something but all I can think about is the pain in that area. We'll see.

Alison said...

Half a pound is just a visit to the bathroom! Nothing to worry about at all!

Christina said...

Oh man, only half a pound to go! I think I'd be going crazy, but then again I already feel a little crazy sometimes and I've just started this journey :)

SuperMegaAnna said...

I can't imagine what a half pound is like! Fabulous!

Colls said...

You have done so well! You will down - those stupid .5 will go away eventually. But really it's just .5 - in my opinion you hit goal! <3

amandakiska said...

OMG!!! .5!!!!