Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long Hours, Pics and What I Ate.

I stayed up until 3am last night grading papers. I still have a stack more to do because I have made too many assignments for one of my classes...I don't think it is too much for them but 1. I let some of it stack up and 2. I don't make quick to grade kind of assignments. I expect them to do the math, solve problems and synthesize stuff. That takes words and work. My biggest mistake was to ask my students to each critique each others presentations. I then had the bright idea of typing the comments up and giving them back to students. I should have made a form and had them fill it in. I could have then cut off their names and given the forms back to them without typing. I will do that next time. I do love teaching this class though so they are worth the effort (well maybe not 3am but close to worth the 3am thing).

Lack of sleep always screws with my weight so I sort of kind of forgot to weight this morning. I had my bra on and was pulling on my pants when I spotted the scale and said..shoot forgot to stand on it. I skipped it and ran off to a full day of meetings and teaching.

I downloaded some pictures off my camera. I found the ones of my new dress from New York...I will upload a couple. I had a bit of fun with David and did a bit of model posing so don't think I am normally a dork (Ok so maybe I am normally a dork).

This dress is a real departure for me. I am normally a solid color wearer...I have always wanted to be one of those people who can pull of the slightly artistic hippy kind of look. I think this dress fits the category. I do not know if this is the style I will always settle on but it is kind of fun at this stage to explore different clothing styles and figure out what I want to old fat style was does it fit? does it cover my stomach? is it comfortable? Ok..that is my style.

Ok the food list is making its way around the blogs--here is my food today.

Between 9-11 can of Diet Coke (I have been slipping back to the Diet Coke thing)
11-11:30- about 1/2 cup of my little trail mix (cashews, pretzels and goldfish)
12:30-1pm-nonfat peppermint mocha
1:30-2:00-had a buffet at work. After my coffee settled I had two bites of a home-made sausage my colleague makes, a tablespoon of home-made sauerkraut, a slice of pickle.
3:30-1/2 small corn muffin (leftover from lunch event)
9:00 pm-string cheese
9:30 1/3 cup lemon ice cream

My restriction seems to be creeping back. I will take it. off for some water. I suck at it.



Justine said...

You look wonderful in that dress! It's super-cool!

Alison said...

I love your dress! You look fantastic!

Lynda said...

Love the dress! I think it's a good style for you.

Gen said...

LOVE the dress, very cool. And the black tights are perfect, nice job!

Lyla said...

The dress is awesome.

Grading sucks- I feel you on that. I'm behind too and when other people are relaxing on Thanksgiving Break, I will be grading. Urgh.

Lap Band Gal said...

cute dress!

Colls said...

Love the dress! <3

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

You look great in that dress!