Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny Tummy and Goal?

I woke up very hungry today. I started my usual breakfast avoidance techniques by popping things in my mouth while I make Graces school lunch, a bit of dry cereal here a goldfish there. It dawned on me that yesterday I actually chose some sort of a breakfast. I picked breakfast today instead of tea-I will save the tea for later.
Today I took a little less than 1/4 cup of honey bunches of oats and sprinkled them on top of my greek strawberry yogurt. Despite all of my starving Hoover the food feelings before the yogurt-I am now stuffed on just three bites of my yogurt concoction. I wonder how much snacking around my band I have been doing lately? I bet at least some of my calories are going in that way. I find it weird however (and maybe it has been this all along but I was to oblivious to notice) that my stomach can tell me I'm going to die of hunger when in fact my band is there and can change that reading in three or four easy bites. I am going to assume that as before-my body is fighting to keep on these last few pounds by making me hungrier than usual.

Today the scale went back to its inconsistent ways and gave me a double read. I got on and it read 167..I got on again...164.6...again..168...again 164.6...again 168.2...again 164.6. Now I could claim goal here...I did get a repeat reading of 164.6 but I also got that run of 168's. I am patient and don't really have time (or another person) to take all of those pictures I promised you so I am going to wait for a more solid scale reading before I claim goal...I can feel it coming however. My new size 10 slacks yesterday have already gotten baggy and I think I could slide myself into an 8 but it would be a tight one I think.



Robin said...

You'll get there... Very good insight about snacking.

amandakiska said...

You are SO CLOSE!!! Yeah!!!

Lap Band Gal said...

WOO HOO! Size 8s!

Something About Kellie said...

I forgot to say earlier - I like the new header! Your transformation is such an inspiration!

Rachel said...

You are doing great!!!! So close...Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are an encouragement to me.