Monday, November 15, 2010

Got Bloat?

I got home today after a really busy day at work. My clothing-size 10 slacks (I wore them several times over the last couple of weeks); My slimming camisole thingy (have had it for a few months); my last remaining size extra large blouse and a size small cardigan. For some unknown reason the outfit was just not comfortable today.

When I popped home from work at lunch i noticed my hip bones were feeling achy...I figured it was from the camisole putting some pressure on them. I loosened it and sort of pulled the tight part up off my hips and ran off to another meeting. When I got home from that meeting I was talking to my oldest daughter Nichole...I complained (as I do)about my pants not fitting anymore or some such thing. She said, "well mom...are you bloated?" what? nahhh bloating never messes with my clothing size...I then pushed against my stomach and viola..not its normal floppy skin feeling but hard bloaty bloat!! Holy crap this 46 year old is experiencing her first size busting bloat. Frankly the bloat is kind of worth it just to say that :).

She then told me that the skinnier you get the more bloat effects your clothing size (WTF???...Did you all know that???) :) I am being a smarty pants here but sheesh...who would have thunk eh? This prompted me to go try on my fat clothes. My small clothes were uncomfortable so what is a girl to do...well go find some loose and comfy ones right?

What I found...I have been asked for before....These are the only pair of super fat pants I saved. They are size 26 and I put them on and had pictures taken! I am tired of waiting for that nebulous 164 anyway.

I wore these jeans to teach middle school in. I remember the day I bought them..I pulled my normal size 24's off the shelf at Walmart and They didn't fit. I had to go up a size and was pretty irritated. I was a little worried that my teaching uniform (colored jeans and shirts that were not tucked) would have to change. I wobbled down a bit from this size for a while to as far as a 22 and then rolled back up again. After I modeled them for these pictures Grace wanted to try them on.

It was quite cool to put these on and have them immediately fall to the ground.

I do like Over-alls :) Maybe some short straps? and clown shoes?
I can almost pull them up over my boobs. Sleeping bag anyone?

I picked this top and my leggings to wear for these 'after but not quite photos' because they look similar to my first pictures. I will eventually show you my wobbly bits (I have taken them but am holding onto them for a bit)..My stomach really looks the same as it did before I lost weight (round, floppy and full of stretch marks. Believe me that pic isn't pretty (Dont' worry I will get the guts to post it...eventually). With clothes on now..oh so much better.

Look at my header...Even I can see the difference :)

Nichole (my oldest daughter and the photographer) said I Looked like a dancer :) almost made me cry. The first pictures were so scary for me and hear this old body compared to a just makes me want to dance :)


alycejo said...

wow you look amazing! you don't look like the same person...congrats!

and the effects of bloating is so interesting...hope i can feel that one day haha

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

You have accomplished so much! You look great!

Alison said...

You truly look great, I love your vest too!

Gen said...

OMG you look so skinny! WOW! Love the pics.

Colls said...

Beautiful! I love the pictures and your oldest is a pretty smart girl! You are lucky to have her around to tell you these things! <3

tessierose said...

You are such an inspiration to me! Just amazing!

amandakiska said...

You're so skinny!

I bet when the bloat is gone, that last pound will be too!

It is hard to imagine you wearing those jeans for real. Even when I look at the before pics of you, I don't see you that big. Scary that I wasn't much smaller (my biggest size was a 24). I think you and I are about the same height - 5'8".

I'm so glad you blog! It is cool to hear your experiences and see just what is possible!

Yana said...

Wow, Tina, those pictures are really inspiring. You look great.

Jen said...

You are so teeny tiny!!
Love the pics.

AM said...

I love the one of you wearing your sleeping bag jeans!