Sunday, November 7, 2010

165 and Holding

The scale is still in the 165's but creeping closer to the big 164. Today was an excellent exercise filled day with minimal foodage. It was actually one of those rare days when I really felt like I was eating to live not living to eat. These types of days are not common even with the band.

My exercise was all work related. I taught my math class in the morning then came home took a trip to home-depot and the gravel guy. In the afternoon David and I ripped up a particularly large scratched bit of flooring and he replaced it with new boards. I then laid 1/2 a cubic yard of pea gravel in our side yard. Finally I hauled several trips of larger rocks to various places in the back yard that needed tidying up.

At 9:30 or so I painted our laundry room and did some cleaning until 11:30pm when I fell into bed looking forward to an extra hour. I gloriously work up to daylight this morning (Hooray) at 7:45 (I love not having to get up in the dark).

Today our real estate agent is having another open house so we are madly sprucing things to get ready. I have stopped to post while I scarf down a Greek yogurt. Go read Dinnerland (I am sorta where she is at on the breakfast idea anyway).

Happy Sunday :)


Gen said...

"stale" or "scale"? For me, its the same thing, LOL! ;)

Sounds like you are doing well!

Rachel said...

Hi...looks like you got a great workout while improving your home. You are doing great!

Tina said...

I went and fixed the typos--as usual too late. I have stubs for fingers sometimes. I agree though Gen--sometimes stale and scale might as well be the same word.


Something About Kellie said...

WOW only 1 pound to go! That is so exciting.

Thank you for your lovely comments :)

I hope your house sells - the pictures are lovely.