Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poopy Scale-Bike Clothes On

To Quote Sheniqua--The G-Damned scale is rolling all over the place again and I did nothing (OK almost nothing) to deserve it. Today it rolled between 166-169 on several hop-on hop-off iterations. I think I might just ask for an old school expensive beast of a weight clibratable scale for Christmas. I am sure I will be unhappy with that one but at least then I know the problem is all mine. Now I don't want to be too harsh on my poor scale (In fact I am more inclined to name that stupid box of chips than I am my band) but sheesh I would prefer she be good to me all of the time now just occasionally.

So in order to battle my evil scale I hatched a plan this morning. Instead of putting on my jean and stuff I went right into my drawer and pulled out my bike gear. I am as I type layerd up for a ride. I wasn't fast enough and now I am on babysitting duty with said gear on. Mycold weather bike gear: pair of black leggings, Bike shorts, white tank top, long sleeved t-shirt). If I actually were going outside I would add my rain coat, fingerless gloves, balaclava (gortex tight fitting hood with just room for my nose and eyes to peek out), bike helmet, socks and tennis shoes (still too much of a chicken to clip into the pedals).

Anyyyy how...because I am now babysitting and cannot leave a 2 year old watching dinosaur train while I go out for a quick spin around the neighborhood I will be forced to go out into the garage and get on David's bike for a stationary spin. I don't really like stationary riding because 1. No hills (thus no downhills) 2. A messy garage is hardly fun to look at. 3. There is no getting somewhere.

Today's plan: Water Water Water, three meals (next up oatmeal for Breakfast), The bike. I really want 164 by Thanksgiving.

UPDATE: I tried the stationary bike but could not figure out how to change David's gears and it was like spinning air on the thing. Soo...I got on our long dusted up treadmill for a try. (drum roll please)...I ran for 15 freaking minutes in a row!!!! I hit the program 6 plan that is full of inclines and hills but stupidly thought it would all be walking. It quickly went too fast and after 5 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of medium speed jogging it went up to an incline of 5 and speed of 5 (I was afraid I would fall off the treadmill) so I hit stop when it wouldn't let me slow it down or I would still be jogging out there. I am pumped...that is the coolest thing I have ever done. I am gonna do that AGAIN :)

164 here I come :)



Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I actually love to jog. I can't go very far yet, but I love the feeling I get afterward! Good for you!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Go Tina! Kick some scale booty!

Colls said...

Sorry about your non-bike ride, but awesome job on the treadmill! <3

amandakiska said...

I love the description of your bike gear. I really need to get some of that. If you outgrow anything, please send it my way! I am wearing my regular clothes with my fella's Men's 1X nylon pants (which aren't waterproof) over them and two jackets. I get to work and my pants are wet in places and my socks are wet. Yesterday when I was bitching about being cold, it was because I had gotten wet.