Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Battle of the Band :)

It is period time here at my house and sadly my band has opened itself right on back up. I was soooooo hungry last night for utter crap it is scary. I am still hanging within one or two pounds of my desirable 164 and if I gained any water weight because of the period build up this just might be the thing to get me there. That battling part however is that I am so hungry that I might just gain weight while I wait for the release of water retention to happen.

As long as there are no baked goods in the house. Last night at the bunco group I attend one of the girls provided us with an array of items from her culinary practice at baking school (she is training to be a pasty chef!!)...it was all to good to pass up. In my defense I only had partial pieces of each item but ohh...they were so very good and together I am sure enough calories to do damage.

Warning food porn: Hand whipped angel food cake (it tasted moist and like angel food cake but without the rubbery texture you get with a boxed or purchased one..this one was very cake-like in texture. Peanut butter cookies (no more needed). Apple cake (it had a nice balanced cinnamon flavor and a sweet crust that melted on your tongue with big pieces of apple). Almond wafers (lovely meringue cookie but with a slightly stronger crumb and a subtle almond after kick). There were savory things but they weren't made from scratch and I was in it for the flavor and I am a sweets kinda girl.

Thanksgiving is also not going to help my cause but I am trying the positive self-talk approach..... I have a lifetime to get it off...I have a lifetime to get it off...The band always works...the band will be there when I am ready.. :) Do you think it will work?



amandakiska said...

You're already a winner in my book!

Sorry about the hormone-influences sanck-fest! Those treats sound lovely!

Lyla said...

I like your mantra-- I'm going to steal it :)