Monday, November 22, 2010

Mullet Lady

Just after I got the band my hair started falling out. Since then a steady stream of hair follows me around where ever I go. My hair coats the passenger side of my car (because i run my fingers through my head and then drop them on the passenger floor). I have hair on the back of the couch, on the floor near my 'spot' on the couch. Hair coats both of my bathroom floors and shows up in piles when I sweep. I don't have pets that live in my house but i might as well have...I am the shedder. My hair did thin in this process. It wasn't just the hair laying around that was problematic. I went from a two loop pony tail with my extra heavy and large pony tail holder to a triple loop.

Something started changing around about August though..I noticed that I had a a host of small fuzzy hair around my hair line. I used to have this hair as a child up until I really reached adulthood (I called them baby hairs as a child). Just a little background-i had really short, slow growing as a child. In fact I looked like a boy until I was almost 5. The short hair thickened for years and when length finally kicked in I had a really thick head of hair (thick strands as well as lots of it). When the weight-loss was accompanied by hair loss I was OK with it really. A little lost of hair was totally worth the pounds loss and I figured it would soon stop or at least slow down. Well it really didn't. I have shed hair for more than two years now. This summer it finally got to the point where I could see scalp through my hair. and then around August the fuzz came.

I noticed the fuzz but with my new job i got busy and kind of forgot about it until today when I attempted to put in a partial ponytail and noticed that it looked like I had a mullet!!! I now have a short man haircut hiding under my long hair. I am not really sure how to cope with this problem. if I pull back the top strands all you see is slightly fuzzy 2 inch long hair with really long strands hanging down my neck. When I wear it all the way back I just have a mans hair cut with a pony tail in the back (kind of looks like one of those rat-tails that some boys wear only thicker :))...

I used to have a really good hairdresser and I am debating going back to him. I got too cheap and i was breaking out in hives every time I tried to color my hair so I lapsed as a customer. With long hair Great Clips (the local walk in pay 15 bucks for a hack job) worked fine. Now...I need helppppppp.

Ok you long timers...did your lost hair come back and did you sport one short haircut under another? what did you do? I am even thinking I might need to try out a really short do for a while (this has never gone well for me..I always look like a guy when i have short hair).



Linda said...

Oh no - I'm not sure. I am still losing tons right now, so I guess I would be happy with regrowth.I would probably just slick it back when I wear a ponytail.

Nella said...

i just noticed a few baby hairs around my forehead...made me smile just a little.

THE DASH! said...

lol It must be a hair day - I posted about mine too - and with weird yet ok results. Go short - surprise yourself, it will always grow back - as will mine.