Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Truck Butt?

Hi all,

I am snuggled up in a bed at my parents house typing this. Yesterday we drove on treacherous roads covered in ice to get here. I am a bit of a whimp and we had four wheel drive but it was fairly slow going and made me nervous (8 hours on the road normally a 5 hour drive). We all made it in one piece. David, Grace, Nichole, Grant and I came earlier in his truck and we were followed later in the afternoon by my two other daughters (Meghan and Cinda and Cinda's boyfriend). I really wanted to throw in my bike but the ice was just to bad and not worth hauling it up here.

As of yesterday I was holding at 165 but I have a feeling (totally might be disappointed) that I might have done all the right things to get that last pound off. I will pop on my mom's scale today to see...will also check in with you if it reads what I think it might. You know the perfect storm of eating day combined with many stops to the bathroom for water evacuation.

This weekend is not going to be the weekend I had hoped for. There was a bit of a mess at work last week. A colleague threw some accusations out in an email with my name smack in the middle of the ranting and it has backfired on her (thank goodness). My other colleagues circled the wagons around me (I am so grateful and happy about this). I am the new girl in town but there were very nice to me. I did fire a pointed email back in my own defense (she had no basis in her accusations nor was she accurate. In the process exposed several weaknesses in her own work). one of my bosses followed my email up with one of support and the second hauled this persons backside into his office and ...lets just say yelling and threats of job loss occurred). The result, however, is that I feel like I need to perform some extraordinary act of workiness to prove my worth-picking up the slack where my colleague left off. There is a pile to get done at this job and another pile for my teaching job.

The down side is my mother frowns on public displays of work during holiday visits. I am either going to have to escape to my room to do it or not do it. Escaping seems the best plan at this point. I also brought my knitting (which I would so much rather do!!)

Oh I almost forgot..the truck butt. My backside is just not up to sitting anymore. I think this is probably the best thing that could have happened for my weightloss but it is a pain in the butt for holidays. The truck ride up was agony..I kept shifting from cheek to cheek to try and take the pressure off my poor butt bone. When I arrived at my parents house I hauled all of the suitcases upstairs and put all of the food away (we will not discuss a touch of resentment over the fact I was doing the hauling alone). When I finally made it back into the the family packed living room the only chair left was the most uncomfortable rocking chair. I lasted about two hours with some up and down butt pressure reliving trips to the kitchen, bathroom etc. At 11 I just could not take it anymore and came to bed so that I could at least lay down.

The food...since so much talk is going on about today's menu I will put in my two cents. Not worried at all here. I have never really had too much trouble over the holiday itself. My issues have been the days after where I continue to eat like a pig with leftovers of sweets and fattening items. Really if you look at it rationally the Thanksgiving menu does not have to be scary at all...Turkey? heck that is a diet food. Mashed potatoes (band hell for tablespoon tops). Gravy-sure a little but it mass quantities its not very good anyway. Stuffing-why just a tablespoon. a bit of veg to keep me regular and a spoon of cranberry and I am good to go.

The pies..well I cannot eat anything after 6 ish to avoid acid reflux in my sleep so if dinner goes through before then I can have a sliver of pumpkin (my favorite) and be satisfied. There will be cookies hanging around this afternoon. I might have one or I might pop out for a coffee but either stress. Can you tell I have recovered from the PMS stressiness of the past couple of weeks? :) I am one in the zen calmness zone (it is a family holiday however so I will let you know how long I manage to keep my blood pressure down-we do tend to hmm debate strongly here).

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the states. Happy day to everyone else!!



Lonicera said...

Tina - just to wish you a happy day with your family, with privacy in your room to do what the heck you want, whether blogging or working.

E-mails can be killers, can't they? The tiniest inflexion in meaning can blow things sky high. Your colleague sounds either thick or with a lot of 'issues' of her own....

And how about an inflated inner tyre to sit on on the way home?? Oh well, if you want to look sexy...

Something About Kellie said...

I love that you have to hide from your mum to get your 'homework' done lol - usually parents hassle their children to DO their homework!!!!


Lyla said...

Sorry about the truck butt and the job sitch, but it sounds like you have it made for the holiday at your mom's.

Maybe try one of those travel pillows next time-- it might help to sit on it.