Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System

I am still trying to do a vlog..The scary thing is that I actually taught teachers how to teach with technology!! and here miss incapable cannot manage to make a vlog work. sheesh I told my husband tonight to just record me on his flipping phone and upload it to my computer.

I am going to have to postpone celebratory blogging until next week..I give. This means you get more time to comments and get in on the give away-s it also means that you will have to practice patience (good for bandsters anyway don't you think??). I know practicing patience was difficult for me but very necessary!!

The good news is that I am getting plenty of time to think about what to actually say in the vlog when I manage to wrestle technology to the ground and make it work. I have even thought up a bit of a band related math lesson :) ohh actually two!! just thought of another.

I spent today in the dentists chair and in Wall-greens waiting to have my prescription filled. I went in for a check-up mentioned i had had a bit of a toothache over Thanksgiving and viola..root canal. He tried to give me minimal numbing agent but 2 hours later he was slicing away at the inside of my tooth after 5 shots of Novocaine and multiple agonizing moans on my part. I then had to go through the explanation of having a band (because I cannot take anti-biotics in pill form anymore. He asked if I had any tylenol in liquid form and I do in fact have alieve (my doctor prescribed it for me ages ago).

I then had to go to the pharmacy and wait for over an hour with my two year old grandson. We finally started opening yet to be purchased pretzel packets and bread to keep him occupied while dingbats hassled little old ladies about their lack of insurance and failed to find anyone actually on the computer. When it was my turn they had not yet made the suspension and I had to wait for them to pour in the water and then was told that I had to eat before I took my liquid antibiotics. I explained to the PHARMACIST (you know trained professional here!!) that I had a band and she looked at me like I was an alien and just said..this might irritate your stomach. I then explained that if I did that the anti-biotic would sit in my esophagus and irritate it. again the blank stare and a shoulder shake....geeezzzzz there are some consequences to this band.

I promise to get back on track soon~



Lonicera said...

When you've sussed out the vlog thing, teach us, would you? One day I might just be brave enough (though I'll have to have a script - I notice in other vlogs people tend to make them a bit longer than they should because of the umming and ahing).

Sandy Lee said...

Still waiting for your homework to be done and you post all your stated points. Just kidding. And I do not want to be in the draw for any gifts. Just reading your success is gift enough for me. You are really an inpiration for us all.

Rachel said...

I cannot wait for you vlog. I'm sorry for your pain...I always say this to you but thanks for all your encouragement!!!! Hope you have a nice weekend...xxxxoooo to you!