Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tomorrow I Draw Names

This is the last chance for anyone who want to get their name in on the drawing for the goods. The give away list is: bike seat, bike lights, fingerless gloves (or wrist-warmers). You do get to pick what you want of course. Don't hold back if you are not interested in one item as I am more than willing to knit my little brains out if you don't want to become a night-rider or even a rider at all :)

Today was our neighborhood annual Christmas party. I help out most years (the person in charge is a bit of a super organizer and really gives no one else the chance and I am cool with that-most of the time). We had a few words at the end (as you know me..practicing the drawing of the lines and all that). I drew a line by snapping back when I was told how exactly I was supposed to put the things I was taking home away. Needless to say I was really pissed off by this persons micro-managing tendencies.

During the event I sat down next to a woman from the neighborhood. I have met her a few times but not really had any lengthy conversations with her. She was very nice and commented on my weight-loss. I told her (as I usually do) that it was largely helped by surgical intervention. She responded with..oh I know that gets you started but you can undo things quite quickly if you do not make lifestyle changes along the way. yada yada..about 20 minutes later this woman invited me to do a triathlon with her!! I kept thinking..what who is near me?? you asked me what? The I looked some more because for a split second I actually, very briefly, thought about saying yes!!! I quickly came to my senses and ate an oreo off the cookie table :)....nah..I don't think I am yet up to a triathlon but oddly for once in my life I know I could really do it if I wanted to. The bike at this particular one is 5 miles, the swim is 1/4 mile and the run 1.5 miles. I am thinking about it...maybe. It could provide me with yet another reason to get a tattoo :)

Tomorrow I will talk about anything i missed from this whole goal meeting fiasco celebration week that turned into two or even three.



The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Hey I'd love to part of your drawing!
Aside from that, I want to take a moment to tell you that I'm new to your blog and I read a few posts back b/c I'm interested in your success. I had a band placed in March 2009. I was so scared that I came close to backing out - I almost walked off the plane on the flight to my surgery. This is relevant only b/c I feel like now I'm beginning to understand that my lack of success has been tied to fear. I do think I've felt like it was me against my band instead of the band acting as the tool that I need. I've only had 2 fills since surgery I have basically no restriction - so essentially its like I really haven't begun yet. I read one of your posts (I wrote about it on my blog) and you said "the band is there waiting for you. Its waiting for when you're ready to use it" I just want you to know how hopeful that made me feel and is helping me to shift my thinking. I want you to know that you really helped me today - you made a difference for someone else out there! So thanks! :)

Jen said...

I'm throwing my name in! Sorry I've been MIA for awhile.