Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Please Excuse Me While I Knit-

I'm working on the fingerless gloves...One prototype didn't go so well but the second is good-first pair are green heathery.

The house is still full of food but I am getting sick of all of the sweets! I threw away a pumpkin pie today and will chuck the rest tomorrow. I ate the last frosted sugar cookie but am planning on freezing the remaining rock cookies. I think the cranberry bread will also be frozen. The fruit cake I will allow out for good behavior and the mince pies are free to remain on their plate (I don't like them).

I made turkey and rice for dinner and it was delicious! I am really craving good food. This evening for the first time in a few days I had a greek yogurt instead of another piece of sugary crud...it tasted nice and normal!

Tomorrow I am turning my Christmas house into a spring one! The trees are coming down.

I hope you are all enjoying whatever the weatherman has delivered!!


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The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Good luck finishing the gloves! I can't believe your so efficient that you're taking down the trees already. One thing about the band, when you're there you end up freezing lots of stuff b/c you can't eat it all. Sounds like you had a nice holiday! You should share some pics of your knitting work - I'd love to see it!