Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Days of Christmas Break

I am still knitting-one green pair done and working on the brown pair for Lynda. I am saving the black pair for last. It has been fun to play around with different designs and I am planning on putting the patterns on either this blog or my other crafty one that is super neglected.

Whenever my mother in law comes to visit my sewing machine and crafty self gets much more action than most of the rest of the year when work and kid caring takes up all of my time. I have been collecting some old linens from antiques stores (cheap ones) with plans to turn them into a variety of bags and stuff. Tonight my mother in law put together a bread bag for David. Did you know artisan bread is not supposed to be stored in plastic? nope..fabric works best. I bought him a bag last year when I was in Germany but it has gone all greasy and stinky so he needs a new one. I don't actually eat his bread (too hard to do with a band on a regular basis). Thus he needs to store the stuff (I was the crazy bread scarfer before the band came into my life).

I made a laptop case for a friend out of some Kath Kidston London Themed fabric and made a knitting bag out of a Deal tea towel. Now I am doing a little dabble with some machine embroidery and of course...knitting :)

I have three little days left to finish up this craft fest and really those are a false length of time. There is work that I dumped when Christmas vacation started and I really need to spend some time on it...prepping for a meeting on the 3rd, some data organization, and plan for my Winter term class. I have additionally sent off for a couple of textbooks for a math class I cannot fit into my work schedule so I am going to try and go through it myself this term (feeling like that was a crazy thought at the moment).

I really need to retire and just knit and stuff. :)

My husband is on a food-experimental fest this week. He got a couple of Hester Blumenthal cookbooks for Christmas and is diving head-long in the cooking chemistry. Some of the recipes he has named sound wacky crazy and I am scared for my stomach. snail porridge?????? I guess that would be considered a mushy food that should be avoided by an old-time bandster like myself right????? RIGHT? Come on I need back up to avoid these strange concoctions I am afraid are going to start coming out of my kitchen :)...Do you think I should continue a New Year's resolution to try new foods? EEK!

Well that's it for my ramble...



Dinnerland said...

Snail porridge??? Please post a picture of that one...

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Ewwww, snail porridge. I know for a fact I would not be tasting that! Nice job with your crafts.

Fiona said...

The crafty stuff sounds great sounds great, I love scrapbooking,card making and just dipping my toe into other crafts as they come along, but you can KEEP the snail porridge! I cant eat much so it has to at least be nice lol
My advise is to give Heston's creations a wide berth.