Monday, December 13, 2010

Do Over-

All-righty-oh it is a new week and I cannot believe the H.E. double hockey sticks two weeks I have just had. I also cannot believe that after 2 and 1/2 years that goal came along right in the middle of it all.

As I said on the vlog, everyday was cram-packed with mostly work related stuff and partially crammed with kid fun but have to help out kinds of things. Additionally there were Christmas cards to get out, presents to pack and ship to the UK and house cleaning to maintain as Sunday is open house day. Finally..I can breathe a bit. I still have another week of work at my university job but my grades are in and the work that remains is all about data input checking and passing out new surveys to our study participants.

Grace has a Choir concert tomorrow after her Girl-scout meeting (I do not have to attend!!) but at least I will be home for the concert (the first one that has not been scheduled while I am teaching). Two of my daughters have gone out of town for a bit of a vacation with their dad and two (Meghan and Grace) are home and helping out a bit. My husbands mum has arrived and she, as always, spoils me and helps out like crazy!

Just to give you a window into my day:

1. 7am-up and make school lunch for Grace.
2. 7:50-8:10: graph some data that I should have done over the weekend.
3. 8:10-8:45 Drive to Fedex/kinkos and make copies of the Christmas photo page I created over the weekend.
4. 8:50-10:50 Dentist for the second of I don't know how many appointments to work on my root canal (A whole story by itself..see below).
5. 10:50-11:30-finish gathering work papers and off to meeting.
6. 12:00-4:00 pm Meeting where I had to participate part of the time and type up what was going on in the meeting the rest for data collection.
7. 4:30 Home and make chicken pot pie for dinner (with help from David and Granny).
8. While pot pie is baking I went out and put on one of 5 coats of silver spray paint for Grace's school art project (I have 8 to spray for her classmates and hers).
9. 5:30 Grace's friend's family stopped by and I invited them to dinner (long story but it was the sad look in the dads eyes when he said his wife had to work late). 10. 6:30 dinner over and kitchen clean up.
11. 7:30-got an email that a family friend had lice in her home (rapid lice check on Grace while frantically putting in a pony tail and itching my own head) Crisis averted-she is clean for now. At least I got to sit down for the lice check.
12. 8:00-9:00 Had three students email complaining about their final grade. Spent and hour rechecking grade calculations to make sure I was fair.
13. 9:00-10:00Read emails and blogs
14. 10:00-10:47 (typing this)...and this is a day where I can fit a blog post in!! The last two weeks have been days where I couldn't.

Oh and did I tell you I am sick?? My mother in law (because she spoils us like crazy) gave me her flu/cold. She says cold i say flu because I swear i have a fever. I did tell her all of the gift giving and spoiling has gone a step too far..I really did not need the flu.

So here is the plan-all of you who already put your names in as comments (although there aren't very many of you-don't you want the stuff??) will still be in the drawing. So...anyhow....I am going to start this goal week party over again. The good news is that all that stuff i promised last week will be coming up this week. This includes those long awaited skin pics and another blog.

so the prizes again-if there is no picture click on the name of the prize to see a picture of the item.

1. bicycle light set

2. My own person big butt bike seat (to help the transition into bicycling)

3. And one of two pairs of hand-knitted fingerless gloves (knitted by moi) in a color of your choice. The gloves look somewhat like these but beware I might not but skilled enough for the fancy cables.

Ok the dentist story-

I have a new dentist (well he is of a more advanced age than I am..but he is new to me). He is nice enough but today I went in for a second appointment to work on a root canal that he started last week.

Despite the fact that he said he would make sure and give me super numb to save me the pain of the drill he didn't. It might be because I told him I had to do a presentation at noon but sheesh..i am not willing to exchange ceiling hanging pain for feeling in my tongue when I talk.

So three gum-line Novocaine shots later and too many to count shots down into my gaping tooth cavity he finally drilled the baby out and poked the saw blade down deep enough to kill whatever nerve that remained.

IN addition to the drill and saw blade work they also beat me about with their stupid bite wing x-rays. I am tongue tied (cannot stick my tongue out even) and it has not been a problem ever in my life until i had this tooth problem. Apparently there is no room for the bite wing to fit between my tongue and the tooth root they needed pictures of. With much gagging and mouth tissue damage they managed a picture of my poor tooth.

Then to add insult to injury as the dentist was taking off the dental dam and tooth ring he manage to hook my lip in his pliers and give me a large cut (ok after viewing the picture i should revise this to just cut). He then used some super glue stuff to hold the cut together but tonight the thing is oozing like I have been in a fist fight with my husband (hmmm maybe I could work that one??).

Ok this picture makes it look way smaller than it feels :) Looks?..Really it feels huge!!



Rachel said...

The silver lining of your dental fist fight? Your face looks very defined and thin in the picture!!!!! Thank you for sharing your story so candidly and with so much humor. Your blog is a source of reference, humor and excellent role modeling. Have a great week...Hope you feel better soon!!!

Rachel said...

YEAH YOU MADE GOAL!!!! You are so understated about it...but I would jump on a mountain top and yell it to the world!

Lonicera said...

I'm going to have to go and lie down - I'm exhausted from reading about your day, and let's not start on the mouth mutilation...
Mind you, you seem to thrive on all this activity, and no doubt it'll help you maintain goal.

Lyla said...

Stupid dentist.

Alison said...

I hate the dentist! Hope that he apologised lots.

amandakiska said...

Oh Tina! I'm tired from just reading your list. I can't imagine how you're getting so much done! And the dentist?? Wow. What a drag!

Feel better!

And don't forget to enter my name for the fat ass seat and lights (especially the lights)!