Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skin and Boobs-Boobs and Skin

Today is the day. I dug them out and I am about to upload the down side of weight loss. SKIN...I have it. All is fine when I stuff this skin into my clothes. It is the naked or clothing that reveals too much that can be problematic. When I was obese I could wear shorter shorts..my legs were pretty firm and shapely. Now...of course I look way better everywhere else in my shorts but..my thighs are wrinkly. I do have bat wings. I do have quite the flop of a stomach. The boob pic you are about to get does not reveal the sag..

To be fair here I did have to angle the camera to just the right angle to get this arm flap at its worst. I do wear sleeveless tops but avoid lifting my arms when-ever possible. I also do not teach in sleeveless tops as when I write on the board my arms flap about.

Probably the worst body part I have right now-I have plenty of bones underneath that skin and when I lay down or even recline they stick out. when I stand...well not so much. I am torn on whether i want a body lift or not. I would really rather have adventures with the money than I would go under the knife I guess. Before you get all worried about the dog jowl look I have going on at the bottom of my stomach...that is the result of 4 full on external vertical c-section cuts. Yet another side effect of obesity. They don't want to give girls with tummy flap horizontal incisions because they apparently do not heal well.

This is as close to a boob shot as you will ever get. Really when I have no bra on my boobs are not there at all..I look flat as a pancake with a couple of nips appearing about 3 inches above my navel.

I don't have leg pics for you just yet...I tried but all of them turned out showing way too much..umm pubic area. I do have a bit of FUPA sag so I perked up a bit when I Gen at I heart the Band mentioned that a tuck might take care of that as well.


Alison said...

You still look pretty fantastic to me!

Bunny said...

I LOVE the last pic, you look like you are jumping up and down on the bed or something!!!!!!

Ahh, lovely Tina xx

Jen said...

You are beautiful and I really love your fun boob pic. So fun!
I think as post WL surgery people we just need to start investing in spanx. And hey, we look damn fine in our clothes. What more could we ask for? (...ha! 1. Hugh Jackman on a stick, 2. .....)

Lap Band Gal said...

So beautiful and an inspiration!

amandakiska said...

It looks like you had to contort yourself to some pretty strange angles to get those shots. Either way, you look pretty good to me!

Gen said...

LOL the last pic is excellent, nice boobs! Good for you doing the skin post!

Read said...

I love that boob picture too - so fun. It looks like you are doing something just a little bit naughty! Good for you for posting these and I think you look wonderful!