Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And The Winners Are!

I was going to print off the list of names and have Grace draw them from a hat. I then remembered that my husband studies random number generators for a living. Then...we had to have a lengthy conversation about the math behind drawing names...30 minutes later I was sitting next to three sticky notes with 22 names on it and four prizes to give away. Yes we are nerds...and I kind of like that about us.

So...he let a super accurate machine make my list of random numbers (gotta love technology) and I am going to let you all pick your prize..you are going to have to email me your addresses so I can send them off. If you are lucky and live close you might get you package before Christmas if not...perhaps for the New Year just in time for resolutions.

here are the names of those who commented during the last few weeks (after my first goal post prize announcement). 1. Alison, 2. Annie, 3. Tessierose, 4. Dinnerland, 5. Bunny, 6. Lapband Gal, 7. Cozy Coconut, 8. Jen, 9. Rachel, 10. Alison, 11. Lynda, 12. Caroline (at Lonicera), 13. Jacquie, 14. Lyla, 15. Amanda, 16. Gen, 17. Read, 18. Sandy Lee, 19. Kellie, 20. Maree, 21. Caroline at the Dash, 22. Libby.

The winning numbers:

1. 22
2. 8

So that means....that Libby She picked the bike seat!, Jen she picked black fingerless gloves, Tessierose, and Lynda

The four of you need to send me your prize preference and your address to tina@deadhat.com in order to claim your prize. I can make any number of fingerless gloves but there is only one big butt bike seat and one set of lights so Libby gets first pick, and Jen second..I will let you know what remains. If you pick gloves also pick your favorite color :)...man this prize picking is more complicated than the number generator stuff.



Jen said...

Whoo Hoo!!! I won something?! Really! I feel like dancing around like The Old Man in A Christmas Story..haha!

If the big butt seat isn't taken, I SO need that. Otherwise, gloves - in BLACK.

Thanks so much Tina!!! Whoo Hoo - I'm off to do the happy dance around my office!

Gen said...


tessierose said...

How exciting! thanks, I like gloves and in any color! That's so sweet!

amandakiska said...

Love it!

Libby said...

So excited I won something! I never win anything. Sorry I too the bike seat, Jen but I totally need it :-)

Lynda said...

YIPPEEE!!!!!! Darrell just reminded me that my favorite color is brown (all shades) and that I've been eyeing the fingerless gloves in the stores all season. So...I'll take fingerless gloves in brown, Alex.

Thanks & Merry Christmas!!!

Tina said...

wahoo :) So Tessi-any hated colors?