Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thank Goodness it is Almost Over and a Trip Down Memory Lane

I have just experienced a Halloween of old. I have eaten enough candy these last few weeks to sustain a small country. Thankfully the neighborhood kids came in hoards to our house and cleaned us out of the evil stuff. I now only have to struggle with the small bag-full that Grace went and collected in her horse-back riding costume. Hopefully that will disappear in a few days and we can return to some of our normal abnormality.

I feel like a bloated, sugar fueled walrus right now.

After putting this up and got curious as to how I felt on this date during each of the four years I have now been blogging (I can hardly believe it has been that long!) In 2007 and 2009 I did not bother to even mention Halloween (how odd). In 07 I am sure it was a similar sugar-fest as that was my common mode of practice for years. Binge on the candy and then regret my behavior for weeks on end after. In 2008 this is what I had to say about Halloween:

Well i have said this before but this fill seems to be great! For the first time ever I can count the number of pieces of halloween candy i have ingested. I know exactly how much food I ate today because there was so little of it. I have already lost a pound since Tuesday. Yipppeeeeee

I apparently had a fill right before and all was tight and working well. In 2009 as I have stated I skipped Halloween and instead talked about my trip to San Francisco. All I can imagine is that it was not too difficult. I know I was in a decent losing phase at the time. Now this year-I am struggling a bit to bahave myself. I think I have learned how to eat around what I am supposed to.

Candy and chips and other naughty crappy crap food are easy to eat and I do eat them to my peril. This Halloween has been especially difficult.

On a more positive note, I got a little implement to attach my bike to a stationary trainer in my garage. I will now have no excuse not to get myself out for a spin and keep my butt callus from going soft.



THE DASH! said...

SO SO glad we dont have Halloween over here lol I would pig out too!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Luckily I am not a sweets person, my weightgain was from other areas

Gen said...

I had my share of candy too, but no guilt (for once) because it was less than usual, and I know it is one day out of the year. C'est la vie! (Then again, I did not get on the scale today either). ;)

I say move on and don't give the candy even more power by obsessing about it! You have done great, one day is NOTHING!

Jen said...

Hi Tina!
I ate a bunch too, oddly, I don't feel bad. I hardly ever eat candy anymore, so one day isn't going to make or break me.
Don't feel badly about it, it's one day. Now only 25 days till the next feast.

film Girl said...

Don't feel bad, I had my share of candy this weekend!