Monday, October 11, 2010

Liquid Tight Day

Today is tight so far. I am sipping a cup of tea and it is slow going. It is funny how a few short weeks ago after my fill this made me happy and now it kind of freaks me out. I am going to stay on self-imposed liquids today to let my poor band have a break. The scale is back down under 170 but I am still tight.

Update-Off to work following my cup of tea and 1/2 a greek yogurt.

another cup of tea with no milk at work

Evening update-liquids are hard to stick to. I had 1/2 soup at lunch (I didn't like it), and a Greek yogurt.

Midday snack -2 short bread cookies
Dinner-1 oz cheddar cheese
Evening 2 short break cookies (I need to get the cookies out of the house)

getting ready to have a decaf-cup of tea this evening.

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Alison said...

Hope that it loosens a bit for you soon.